AppCircus Barcelona 2016 is underway!


On June 30th, the mobile capital Barcelona will hold an event that will bring together the most innovative developers and trendsetters within the Catalan capital of apps.

AppCircus Barcelona will be held at Antiga Fabrica Damm and any company, startup or developer with a mobile app that wants to be part of the event can participate. There are no restrictions on theme and the event is open to apps designed for any sector – the only limitation is the imagination of the coders and developers themselves!

Registration is free and easy to enter, just click on this link and follow the steps. The deadline for submitting apps will be June 12.

A jury of online experts will choose 10 finalists by mid June, these 10 will then be giving the chance to pitch their app on the big night. They’ll just have 180 seconds to highlight the most relevant aspects of their product and convince an onstage jury of industry professionals why their app is the best.

If you haven’t participated before now is the time to revel in the thrill of live competition. After the event there will be time for networking amongst key industry leaders while drinking a beer in the fantastic scenery offered by Antiga Fabrica Damm.

What can you win?

The winning app will be nominated for the Mobile Premier Awards 2017, the biggest (and most fun) app show on earth which takes place on the first night of the Mobile World Congress.


Click on “Submit your app” and register. And remember that it’s free!

Good luck!

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