Selected apps in AppCircus Kampala

Meet the selected apps that will pitch in AppCircus Kampala!

On November 21st the biggest  city of Uganda will meet the best 10 developers, and at the end of the evening, the world world will know who’s got the best app of the region!

Here you can see who will present their creation in front of an audience and a professional jury!

Check if you’re in the list:

Zword: Improve your spelling while killing zombies, because every correct letter you add knifes a zombie.

Matatu: is a mobile game based on the wildly popular ugandan card game with the same name.

Map the crap: Map the crap is an initiative that helps you to accurately locate your pit latrine around the world using our map

MobiVisa:A system to convert your Mobile Money to virtual visa cards.
QuiXX: This app offers unique ability to those wanting to collect composite data (image, bar-code, gps and description) at a go to any url, for any purpose!
Mafuta GO:will help its users find the nearest petrol station with the cheapest prices for gas
pot-holific: A phone app that allows users to take a picture of a pothole, name it, and add its location
Semaje: application that collaboratively gets people learning a new language while on the move.
Water Crusaders: save our environment mainly our sources of water!
Loopa: aims to attract the Ugandan Population to report any individual or industry or entities that pollute clean water/water shades that facilitate proper livelihood of the communities!
The jury will be composed by:
Veronica Ssempebwa – MD of SW Global, Evelyn Namara – MD of Solar Sister, Annie Njenga – Nokia, Developer Outreach in East & Southern Africa, Gerald Begumisa – MD of TCO Yo Uganda, Boaz Shani – MD of UGO (Uganda Goes Online) and Simon Kaheru, Director of  SMS Media.

Congratulations to all the selected developers! It’s gonna be a very exciting event!
The apps submitted are incredibly original, useful and innovative. Thank you for joining the best app showcase!

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Llega AppCircus Academy en Madrid!

De los creadores de AppCircus, Mobile Premier Awards y Mobile 2.0 Europe llega un nuevo concepto de aprendizaje sobre tecnología móvil:

AppCircus Academy es un evento de media jornada dirigido a la comunidad de desarrolladores y a los profesionales de la industria móvil para promover que éstos se conozcan, exploren nuevas ideas y descubran soluciones originales.

Madrid acogerá el primer AppCircus Academy en la Universidad Carlos lll el martes 13 de diciembre, en español y será completamente gratuito.

Desde aquí puedes acceder a las inscripciones del evento.

Allí podrás…

– Aprender sobre nuevas tecnologías en workshops exclusivos de la mano de las empresas líderes (plazas limitadas!)

– Unirte a los expertos que compartirán sus conocimientos sobre la economía de las apps.

– Fortalecer tus relaciones con otros profesionales de la industria.

– Subir al escenario y presentar tu app en nuestro concurso estrella AppCircus.

La deadline para participar en el concurso AppCircus será el día 1 de diciembre.

Consulta todos los detalles y el programa aquí!

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AppCircus Newsletter #28 – Launching the AppCircus Academy!

Welcome to the AppCircus!!!

A new concept of mobile technology learning!

On December 13, Madrid will host the first AppCircus Academy, a half day event where developers can learn to better navigate the app ecosystem. If you want to improve the technical build, dissemination strategy and business viability of your apps sign up today and enjoy the conferences, panels, workshops and AppCircus, the international app competition.

This event is aimed primarily at professionals in the mobile industry and the developer community to encourage them to meet and learn from the concerns and opportunities that can offer to each other: a place to explore new ideas and find original solutions to existing problems.

At Appcircus Academy you may explore the business of mobile technology through different activities such as conferences, workshops, panel discussions and an AppCircus competition.

At the event you will…
– Learn about new technologies in exclusive workshops lead by industry leaders (limited seats!)

– Listen to industry experts sharing their insights on the app economy

– Strengthen your relationships with other industry professionals.

– Go up on stage and present your app at AppCircus and win a nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards 2012.

The first AppCircus Academy arrives in Madrid on Tuesday, December 13th with a very special edition, this time entirely in Spanish.

You will find us at the University Carlos III in Getafe Campus, C / Madrid 126, 28903 Getafe.

AppCircus Academy in Madrid is sponsored by Nokia, Microsoft, Malcolm and Intel.

Check our calendar site to not miss any AppCircus edition!

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Sponsored by Navteq, BlueVia and Malcolm
Sponsored by Nokia

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