Bluevia partners with AppCircus to help developers monetize their apps

We have been looking into the Bluevia platform since the Mobile World Congress in February, they managed to provide an insight during the Mobile Premier Awards and brought in a couple of apps using their platform to the event.

It is a great opportunity for mobile developers to find out more about how mobile applications have been using the Bluevia platform to monetize their apps. But most of all to leverage Telefonica’s clients to help them grow their customer base.

We will be showcasing a couple of case studies from Bluevia, so we can understand their platform. The reason for this is that Bluevia will be on board the AppCircus mobile showcase tour in Europe and Latin America.

That is why we need to inform our fellow App Artists and future participants about real developers that are leveraging the Bluevia platform, they are reaching out to the community with clear goals to setup a monetization road map.

OTTER app from Seattle.

This is a clear example on how a problem or in this case a “tragedy” helped spark the interest in a developer to solve a huge problem, “texting while driving”; his daughter almost lost her life by it. So Erik Wood built the One Touch Text Response, which disables some functionality from a smarthphone ounce a car reaches more than 10 miles per hour, so a person is not enticed to answer those incoming distractions.

More case studies will be shared during the next couple of weeks, so you can understand the potential of the Bluevia platform, it is our effort to put developers in touch with opportunities to create the next great app coming from any part of the world. If you are interested in using the Bluevia platform, make sure to send us an email to info [at] appcircus [dot] com, so we can get you an invitation and start leveraging it.

Coming AppCircus events.

If you are a mobile developer, Startup or company and would like to be part of AppCircus, please sign up to our global platform and hope to see you at a nearby event. For event organizers, if you are interested in hosting an AppCircus in your city, please contact us.

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Mobile Premier Awards Success Stories: Bipper Communication

Today we are featuring a company called Bipper Communication, this startup won the Innovation award in the Best Early Stage Startup category. The coming days we will be featuring some of this years AppCircus winners and also Mobile Premier Awards winners.

By winning the coveted Mobile Innovation award for Best Start-up at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, little Bipper started getting international attention. We suddenly was approached by potential partners, media, VC’s and other interesting groups and was able to grow the company at a much faster rate that would be possible without this award. This award was definitely among the highlights of the year and set the tone and played a factor in other significant achievements. Silje Vallestad, founder and CEO of Bipper.

This is a great product that was born out of the necessity from one of it’s founders Silje Vallestad started seeing that children from age six we starting to use mobile communications. She made it her goal to make any mobile phone safer and better adapted for kids, giving their parents ease of mind. She gathered a strong team and some early investment to jump start Bipper Communications.

This is just a small glimpse into what the company has achieved thus far:

  • Silver Price at SIMagine 2010, best SIM application globally + several other international awards.
  • Received $1mill grant from Innovation Norway for further investment in R&D with our partner Motorola.
  • Silver Price at SIMagine 2010, best SIM application globally + several other international awards.
  • Secured $2.2 million funding from leading Norwegian Fund Management company and private investors.
  • International  partnership with Motorola.
  • Launch with leading Tele2, Scandinavian operator.
  • Bipper Launched with Vivacom, 2nd largest Bulgarian operator.

We are really excited that the Mobile Premier Awards played an important role in getting the company some traction and awakening the interest from investors and future partners.

Check their pitch at the MPAs 2010 here.

Our best wishes goes out to Silje and the rest of the Bipper team a breakthrough year for 2011.

If you like to see who’s going to win the awards this year, hurry up, there’s only a couple of seats left. You can register here.

Mobile Premier Awards Success Stories: Adaffix

The Mobile Premier Awards has been showcasing mobile talent since the beginning, we talked about Waze earlier and we will continue to write about the interesting companies that have participated at this event. Making it one of the “must-attend” events during the Mobile World Congress week in Barcelona.

Winning awards is very important for a start-up because it helps position you in the industry and gain recognition and attention. The Mobile Premier Awards is a great initiative to raise your profile and meet the right people to take your business to the next level. Claudia Poepperl, CEO of Adaffix.

In this post we feature Adaffix, the winner for Best Startup in Female Entrepreneurship in the MPA’s of 2010. Check out the following milestones that Adaffix has achieved after winning the MPA award in 2010.

What makes this company special is that it integrates relevant information of the caller or messages that your mobile phone gets, connecting to your social graph and also suggesting businesses that are relevant to you. It supports several languages and it is an unobtrusive app.

  • During the MPA’s they launched in Germany and Austria. Since then they have launched their app in several markets.
  • Launched Denmark in June 2010
  • Launched Sweden in June 2010
  • Launched USA in July 2010
  • Launched Belgium in July 2010
  • Launched Canada in November 2010
  • Launched Czech Republic in December 2010
  • Launched Slovakia in December 2010
  • Launched Hungary in December 2010
  • Adaffix have secured partnerships with the leading directory publishers including Yellowbook,, DasTelefonbuch, De Gule Sider, Lokaldelen, Herold, Telefonkonyv and others.
  • We won the GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2010 for best Mobile Internet Service.

We wish Claudia and the Adaffix team a great start for 2011!

If you like to see who’s going to win the awards this year, hurry up, there’s only a couple of seats left. You can register here.

Mobile Premier Award Winners Success Stories: Waze

During the preparals of the 5th Mobile Premier Awards, taking place on February 14th 2011 during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we’re launching this new series asking previous MPA winners about their success story after winning the award in February 2010.

Here are the milestones and success story of Waze – MPA 2010 winner in Innovation to the Best Emerging Startup awarded by the MobileMonday Community.

1. Went from 500,000 to 2.3 Million drivers in 2010!
2. NBC-2 started using Waze citizen traffic feeds as their broadcast traffic segment.
3. Secured a $25MM Series B round of financing.
4. Won Best Technology at Le Web and several other awards.
5. Added citizen traffic information from Twitter + Got more social with Facebook and 4SQ road goodies.
6. Launched Driving Groups Waze: Using groups and gaming to get geodata.
7. Hosted the Big Caravan- Thousands of Wazers headed to Burning Man Waze 2.0.
8. Launched LATAM.
9. Launched India.
10. Now tackling commuter traffic and reducing congestion.

Waw, what a fantastic ride! Good luck to the Waze team and thanks Di-Ann for the update!

Here below you can view the 3-minute pitch and jury Q&A Waze did at the MPAs 2010.