AppCircus Newsletter #37 – Upcoming events Orlando and Villahermosa and join AppCircus @ Content & Apps Latam

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Check out this week’s headlines and find out about more exciting events in Villahermosa, Miami, and Barcelona, and about the latest winning apps in AppCircus events!

In this edition:

– BlackBerry Developer SPOTLIGHT, an interview with BlackBerry developer Łukasz Dzierżak
– Selected apps for to pitch in AppCircus Villahermosa
– Join AppCircus at AppCircus @ Content & Apps LATAM and get a free pass for the event!
– AppCircus is a partner at the DevUp 2012 event!

Blackberry Developer Spotlight Interview with Łukasz Dzierżak

We created a new section on our blog to feature AppCircus developers. Read the first interview here with Łukasz Dzierżak and his Package Tracking app.

Łukasz will participate to the AppCircus at BlackBerry 10 Jam, an app competition powered by AppCircus thaking place during theBlackBerry 10 Jam conference on May 1 – 3rd, in Orlando, Florida USA. There’s still three days left to register your app to this competition and get a the chance to win one of three $25,000 prize packages.
Do it here!

Selected apps for AppCircus Villahermosa

The ten apps for the first event of the AppCircus Mexican tour, that is happening today, the 26 of April, at CITI Tabasco in Villahermosa, were selected by industry experts Alexandra Ximenez, Diego Polo and Claudio Cossio. Check out the full list of selected apps here (in Spanish), and good luck to all pitchers!
The winner at AppCircus Villahermosa could win a nomination for theMobile Premier Awards in Barcelona and will be given a FREE passfor the Content & Apps LATAM event (Miami, 13-14 June, 2012).

Join AppCircus @ Content & Apps LATAM

We’re excited to announce that next 13 of June the event Content & APPs LATAM in Miami, will host AppCircus @ Content & Apps, a unique opportunity for LATAM developers that aims to identify and discover apps made from and by LATAM. And the good news is thatthe 10 selected apps will obtain a free pass for Content & Apps LATAM!
Content & Apps has been organised for 7 years by Frecuencia Latinoamérica. Formerly called Mobile Content Americas, in 2012 Content & Apps will get together for the first time the main app builders and leader developers of the region, operators, terminal builders, aggregators, brands, agencies and retailers, all in a single event to share their vision about the present and the future of the app ecosystem.

AppCircus is a partner at the DevUp 2012 event!

DevUp by Ideateca is an annual meeting for developers, Internet professionals and mobile application developers. This year’s DevUp focuses on present and future of HTML5 development. The event will also host the second edition of the Ideateca Awards ceremony!

That’s it for this week. More news coming soon!

The AppCircus Team.

Selected apps to pitch at AppCircus in Milan

Find out which are the top selected apps that will pitch on the stage of AppCircus in Milan:
Congrats to all the selected developers!

The best showcase of apps is open to developers, platforms, media, investors and general audience to participate. AppCircus will give you the visibilty your app needs to succeed in the mobile tech ecosystem. Tell the world what’s your app about!

Wondering if you can attend the show? Of course! And for free! You just need to join for free and click on “Register now to attend!” on top of this page. Don’t wait last minute – the event is likely to be filling up quickly! December 20th will be the special date, come join this amazing show!

Amongst the 10 apps selected to pitch on stage, the winner will receive a nomination for the Mobile Premier Awards, to be held in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress 2012.

iMenuXL:  The iPad Menu for innovative restaurant. The interface of iMenu XL is fully customizable with your own logo and images of the restaurant.
Shopapp: Shopapp is a mobile eLoyalty app and platform that will let the brands create and develop interaction and loyalty campaigns with customers using geolocation and gamification.
InfinityZero – Tortured Beauty – Episode 1: is a revolution in the graphic novel format. With every turn of the pages on the iPad, the drawings animate, morphing into videos with flesh-and-blood actors, and then solidify again into drawings.<  Search engines are the most visited website by smartphone users but due do the intrinsic hardware constraints (awesome yet small LCD, small keyboard) traditional search engines are everything but an effective solution to find information quickly: you can
AugmentedXp: The product conceived and developed by JoinPad, able to assist no-technician personal involved in extraordinary maintenance of a particular device.
GoWar: GoWar is a software farm that develops geolocalized social mobile games, free on stores and with a revenue model based on virtual goods.
Allergine: Allergine is intended to provide users a tool for monitoring air quality in the city of Rome (now, but we planned to use data from other cities).
TidyApp: Create your personal box with your favourite photos, videos, contacts and notes.
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Winner of AppCircus in Sao Paulo

Meet now the latest AppCircus winner, Incredible Circus an app made in Brasil!

On Wednesday December 14th we stopped in Sao Paulo to portrait the local ecosystem of apps.

Incredible Circus is a blast through cannons on 32 levels as a bodysuited daredevil. Use elastic bands and trampolines to jump above obstacles or through fire rings, remembering to avoid falling and cracking your helmet!

This lucky winner the winner has received a nomination for the Mobile Premier Awards, to be held in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress 2012.

The runner-up is Thumba Photo!

Thumba Photo Editor comes with more than 70 high-quality adjustments and effects, all very easy to use and can be applied many times you want in photos of any size. Zoom and comparison with the original photo tools are easily accessible.

We’d like to thank all the participants, jury members, local organizers and audience who came to join the best showcase of apps!

And of course, thanks to the sponsors who supported this special event.

And our Media Partner: 

Thank you all, we hope to see you again very soon!

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Winner of AppCircus in Ljubljana

This time MobileMonday Slovenia was colored by AppCircus colors. We were happy to have AppCircus show in Ljubljana, and already exiting about next year!

Ten great apps started with their 3 minutes presentations and demos. There were 2 teams from Croatia, and 8 from Slovenia. Some of them really impressed with great creative presentations bring lots of questions and reactions from jury and audience. After all teams presented their apps, the jury had a quite hard work to decide… But finally they declared a winner, the Monkey Labour team!

Meet the AppCircus in Ljubljana winner, Mobot the Robot!

Mobot the robot is expected to mindlessly labor at his job deep inside the bowels of a corporate production facility while his monkey boss vents frustration by throwing obstacles Mobot’s way. Help Mobot stick it back to the system while avoiding being replaced by a cheaper model in this deliciously retro 80s style electronic handheld game rehash.

We need to mentions also Spotie app from Croatia and Wazzap app from Slovenia, they took 2nd and 3rd place.

And a huge “thank you” to all the jury members that became part of the best showcase of apps, and the local organizers team!:

Tina Tavčar – Designer for  Innovatif

Gregor Rebolj – Mobile developer at KLIKA

Ivan Brezak Brkan – Startup expert at Netokracija
Jure Mikuž – RSG Kapital
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Winner of AppCircus Online Competition -2nd week!-

Meet our second winner of the AppCircus Online Competition!

As you know, we have launched a weekly Online Competition: besides the classic on stage AppCircus showcase, now you can give to your app the visibility it needs by submitting it to our virtual contest. Then you just need to get as many votes as possible, you can even tell your pals to vote for your application. The app with more votes can make it to the Mobile Premier Awards!

Every week, the AppCircus community selects a winner by popular vote. We have integrated the voting process with Twitter to make it easier for you to share the message with your peers and get as many votes for your app as possible. How does it work? Easy: submit your app to the online competition and start voting!

Meet “Bear Care“, our latest winner!

Bear Care is an augmented reality action game, in which you have to protect your beloved helpless Teddy Bear.

You can also cuddle your bear to keep him happy.

The fun part is that it takes place in a real environment, which is blended with lively and playful 3D bears.

Remember you have a chance to win a Nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards, and that is quite priceless!

Everyone with an app can participate and if you don’t win this week, just submit again next week. Make sure all of your friends vote for your app from here!

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Selected apps to pitch at AppCircus in Sao Paulo

AppCircus is coming to São Paulo on December 14th, at Microsoft Auditorium (Av Nações Unidas 12.901 – Centro de Convenções Nações Unidas (CENU) – Torre Norte 31º Andar – Brooklyn – São Paulo – SP), starting at 6:30pm, this time partnering with Innoveur.

The best showcase of apps is open to developers, platforms, media, investors and general audience to participate. AppCircus will give you the visibilty your app needs to succeed in the mobile tech ecosystem. Tell the world what’s your app about!

Amongst the 10 apps selected to pitch on stage, the winner will receive a nomination for the Mobile Premier Awards, to be held in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress 2012.

Meet the lucky apps!:

FourLater: Announce where your next checkin will be so your friends can join you, comment, and get notifications when it’s almost time to be there. Still only a functional prototype!
MeuCarrinho: MeuCarrinho is a grocery shopping assistant. It is the best way to manage your shopping lists and have them always in hand! A very well designed and intuitive tool which is available both for smartphones and for web.
Car Locator:
Where is your car now? Car Locator will help you! With the purpose of provide the best possible user experience with an intuitive interface, the Car Locator easily record position of the car, take a photo and maps the quickest route to get to the car.
O Mundo vs. Danilo Gentili: is a game first released for iPad, developed for the famous brazilian comedian Danilo Gentili, in one of his favorite styles: Tower Defense.
Go-Go-Goat! The Best Free Game: Hop your way to the top with the cutest, funniest and most addictive jumping game to ever hit the Android Market!
Gabaritar: Tool for Exams The world of exams requires students not only dedication. Discipline and the right strategies are essential to optimize the time devoted to study and improve the efficiency of learning.
The Incredible Circus: Blast through cannons on 32 levels as a bodysuited daredevil. Use elastic bands and trampolines to jump above obstacles or through fire rings, remembering to avoid falling and cracking your helmet.
Runaway Groom: Are you getting married, considering it, or know someone who is? Frightening isn’t it? Well, here’s your chance to try and escape the clutches of wedlock and pass the time while you have some second thoughts.
runens: Do you want to run a marathon for the first time, what should you do? Hiring a coach is the way to go, but you need to take the best out of this experience. We can help you out!
Thumba Photo Editor: Is the most complete editor for your photos in Windows Phone 7. It has more than 70 high-quality adjustments and effects, all very easy to use and can be applied many times you want in photos of any size.
SOS Life: Medical ID cards is a great and important way of making sure that a citizen has, in case of medical emergency, all his personal medical status, history and other valuable information available immediately at anytime and anywhere.
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Jury of AppCircus in Milan

On December 20th AppCircus will land in Milan to meet the best 10 apps of region.

The deadline is still open, but in the meanwhile we will tell you who will we judging and selecting the best app!

Meet the jury of AppCircus in Milan:

Guiseppe Guerrasio (Microsoft): He works in the division & Developers Platform Architect Evangelist from Microsoft as he works to help customers and partners, and technology adoption in the Microsoft application development with particular reference to the Solution Architect of large Italian companies and major Italian Web Site.

Frangini Lucarini, is 34 years old and I am 10 service digital in innovative contexts: startup H3G Italy, Altran consultant, client director at H-art and I am currently in Italy Nokia ecosystem of applications and development Nokia Care services.

Max “iRev” Uggeri: His eclectic education has been guided by his visceral passions: information and hacking led him first to study Electronic Engineering at Milan Polytechnic, later to move along the East Coast as a guest of Media Lab, only to continue his career with Michael Porter at the Monitor Company, working on IT and Network Security. Currently own an ethic Venture Capital Fund in London, seeding initiatives related to the world of iOS Apps.

Claudio Moderini is an interaction design director and researcher, with a background in architecture and industrial design, founder and director of the Master Program in I-Design and director of the Interaction Design Department of Domus Academy, the international institute focused on innovation in design, based in Milan, Italy.

Remember you just have time until December 7th to submit your app to enter this competition…

So enter you app now before it’s too late!

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AppCircus Winner Kampala

Last night Kampala became the nest of the developers community of the region. AppCircus celebrated another showcase of apps within the MoMo Uganda event.

Amongst the developers who submitted their apps in live, the jury picked one winner:


This great app will help its users find the nearest petrol station with the cheapest prices for gas.

(thank you @darlkomu for the pic!)

It was a great event, almost 200 people came to explore the latest apps made in Eastern Africa, as this was the perfect occasion to expand networking and meet new colleagues. The jury did a great job and the audience really enjoyed the show!

Thank you Daniel Stern for taking care of the event… You have fought against all kind of adversities to carry on with the organization and finally here’s the reward: A great evening to remember! We appreciate your commitment and your  dedication.

Thank you also to PC Tech Mag to cover the event and to talk about us!

But last but not least, it is such a great feeling to read so many positive Tweets about the showcase! Thank you all for your feedback and we really hope to come back very soon.

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AppCircus Winner Vienna

We’ve had a day full of emotions!

We’ve been in three countries at the same time and we still have gas to keep the tour up.

Vienna was one of our dates, and here goes the result:

The winner of AppCircus Vienna is Mobile-Pocket, congratulations!

This app will change your behaviour as a customer, as bluesource is disrupting the loyalty rewards world by moving existing infrastructure like loyalty and club cards to Smart Phones. Mobile-Pocket increases user engagement and retention, and saves us all from being a victim of the fat wallet!

Meet the winner “Mobile-Pocket” and the jury (Verena Krawarik, Martin Sprengseis, Georg Koch, Alexander Lamatsch)

copyright MobileMonday Austria

And the Runnerup is myTaxi:

Just one click and the next taxi is on it´s way. No need to look for a taxi number or call a centre taxi office, no waiting loops – With just a few clicks, you can send your request to all available taxi drivers in the immediate vicinity.

This time AppCircus partnered with MoMo Austria to gather the community of tech lovers. We want to thank the organizers for hosting this edition of the best showcase of apps, it has been a pleasure!

To the jury, audience and developers community who attended the event,  thank you too! AppCircus is made for you all!

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Mobile gaming will help mature games as a medium.

Editors Note: Guest blog post from Anthony D.B. Ibanez which is one of the 5 co-founders of Gamistry which won Appcircus in Rotterdam, we asked them to do a post regarding their industry (games) and how they see it evolving. It provides great insight into how games will be a strong player in the coming years for mobile.

Play as a medium has been around for ages. Animals use play to develop their skill for survival, for example mock fighting. Humans have developed various different ways to use play as a medium like theater, sports and games. In the past warlords and rulers of countries have played games like chess and baduk for mock fighting, to hone their skill for strategy. Today we use electronic versions of these games, to play with anyone in the world instead of the few selected opponents in our surroundings. We improve our skill not for our survival in the wild but for our survival in the digital jungle.

Unfortunately there is a stigma on games as a medium as something for children, which is absurd if you think rationally about it. Play has evolved over time just like stories. First stories were passed on verbally by telling stories. Then visually by writing in books and then a combination of the two with films. Ever reaching a broader audience by using a device, television for example. Play has evolved exactly the same into electronic games over time. Physical games like tag, to board games like chess, to electronic games like Sticky. Ever reaching a broader audience by using a device, in our case a mobile device, the smartphone.

Not all books teach you skills, a lot of them are entertainment. That’s the same for films and series, games are no different. Each of these mediums are different, you have to treat them differently, you have to use them differently but when done right, each of them can be used very effectively. The evolution of play into electronic games is young. We strongly believe that within due time, games will prove themselves just as films have done, together with their corresponding devices. Play is just as important to transfer knowledge as stories are.

We believe the mobile industry will be a strong factor in this process. Just as books and TV have become a daily used “device”, so will mobile devices and some already are. You can bring it with you to make use of it when you have the time to do so, which offers you the possibility to play games where you are, at that moment and in that context. If you look at public transportation today, a lot of people are looking down at their lap and hands, where they have some sort of mobile device. And they are either reading, listening to music, making a phone-call, playing a game or a combination of the above.

This creates loads of opportunities for many people. There are more than enough ways to expand this medium called games to help mature it. Be it technology wise, better devices and faster networks or content wise, for example serious content like education and simulation, or adult content, which still holds a firm taboo in games compared to books and films.

The beauty of games is that they can be played on various devices. Currently we have reached a crossroad where we are able to start creating cross-platform games. An important landmark for this was when Apple switched to Intel Processors. People on MacOS can play games with people that are playing on Windows. Valve was quick to adapt and brought Steam to MacOS and released a MacOS version of Team Fortress 2, which enabled players on MacOS to play with players on Windows. In due time people will be able to play games together on various mobile devices with different platforms. People playing on desktops will play with people on mobile devices, everyone connected throughout the world on various devices with various platforms.

The mobile platform is an easier and lower risk step into the game industry compared to the full console or PC counterparts. A lot of young developers are developing games and applications for mobile. The big publishing companies are also branching out. Which makes it more difficult to compete, but a good way to come into contact with a publisher and work together developing great works of art.