TripBarker wins the Best Transit App Award at the Philippine Transit App Challenge and wins 100K PhK!

TripBarker has won the Best Transit App Award at the Philippine Transit App Challenge and has won 100K PhK! has received the Open Community Award for the app that best uses or creates open source code, and the Transport Agency Award has been for, the app with the most potential to generate data and help transport agencies improve their services.

The Inclusive Technology Award winner is Manila Train Guide, for providing solutions adaptable to low-tech mobile phones and Rklamo is the winner of online voting, receiving more than a 1000 votes!!

Congratulations for all the winners! The level of the hack-at-home finalists has been impressive!!

Best Transit App Award

Open Community Award

Transport Agency Award

Inclusive Technology

On line voting

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Rklamo, the public vote winner of the Philippine Transit App Challenge

We are pleased to anounce the apps selected by our jury evaluation and Rklamo, the public vote winner , of the Philippine Transit App Challenge. This ten finalists will present live during our Culminating Night on October 14th, in Quezon City and compete for one of our final great cash prizes and eternal fame! Register now to attend here!



Manila Train Guide



The navigator


Trip Barker


Congratulations to all!!

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Philippine Transit App Challenge culminating night

The finalists of the Philippine Transit App Challenge will pitch their entries live on stage on October 14, at 17:00 (GMT +8), at University of Philippines Asia Learning Center Toyota Auditorium. The winners will be announced during this same event. Register for free to attend!

The competition was launched on July 2nd, and was followed by a 3-month development period, where participants worked together with volunteer mentors to build their entries. more than a 100 app ideas were received and more than half of those have passed to the prototype phase.

The Department of Transportation and Communications, in partnership with the Metro Manila Development Authority and Cebu City Government, has hosted the first national transport application development competition. Participants were invited to develop applications based on two new kinds of publically available data – regularly updated geographic location and service information for all bus, jeepney, and rail routes in Metro Manila, as well as live traffic incident data streams in Manila and Cebu, currently being tested under a pilot scheme.

Opened the app submission for the Philippine Transit App Challenge!

We have opened the app submission for the Philippine Transit App Challenge. The Challenge aims to find apps to deal with issues like improving route mapping and accessibility, providing real-time updates of traffic incidents and conditions and helping visitors to navigate the city better.

The Philippine Transit App Challenge is an online competition open to all developers to submit apps via a new Hack at Home: a platform that allows developers, designers, businesses and creative people to come together to form teams and turn their ideas into functioning apps with the help of expert mentors.

The best apps will then be selected by an online poll and a jury of mobile technology specialists, with the winners announced at a special event held on October 15. The winning app will receive a cash prize and the opportunity to present at the Mobile Premier Awards held in Barcelona in 2014.


Cairo Transport App Challenge: The Finalists!

A couple of months ago, AppCircus in collaboration with The World Bank and CDG Cairo (among others), launched the first Cairo Transport App Challenge: an online challenge designed to find app solutions for Cairo’s transport problems. There was massive interest from developers, who demonstrated creative ways that mobile apps can help the people of Cairo get around their city more easily.

Now we’re happy to announce the finalists, who will be presenting their apps in Cairo on December 15:


A smartphone app which displays aggregated crowd-sourced traffic conditions on a map of Cairo with quick access to detailed traffic conditions of Cairo’s main streets.

Arkabeh (What Should I ride?)

A  full transportation guide that helps its users to get the most out of the public transport network in Cairo.

An Egyptian public transportation guide, which contains all public transportation data for Cairo and Giza.

Smart-GTS (Smart Group Transportation Solutions)

An app which enables convenient carpooling, group transportation and shared rides.

Beliaa … Mobile Car Mechanic

A useful app that helps car owners to keep their cars in shape.


An All-In-One community based traffic Application, that integrates many services in the same interface in an easy and smart way.

ShowMe The Traffic

An app that uses Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) to investigate and offer solutions to the traffic jam problems in Egypt.


Emokhalfa aims at enhancing driving conduct and helping the community to get safer roads by creating a means of delivering community pressure to their fellow drivers.

Drivers Buster

Monitor driver’s performance and categorizes them into ‘best’ and ‘worst’.

Autobeesy – Feen

Tired of waiting for your bus? This app will tell you when and where it was last seen.

A great selection of transport apps! Lets see which one takes the top prize in Cairo.

Join the Cairo Transport App Challenge to Solve the City's Transport Chaos!

Register today for the Cairo Transport AppChallenge

App developers: we need you to help us solve Cairo’s transport chaos

20 million people, 14 million cars on the road every day… a growing city on the edge of transport collapse. How can your app help? That’s where our challenge begins!

The World Bank is collaborating with Google Developer Group (GDG) Cairo and AppCircus to launch the Cairo Transport AppChallenge. How can we use mobile technology to improve transport in Cairo, make it less congested and safer for drivers, passengers and users of public transport.

That’s our challenge.

Now it’s up to you, if you are a freelance app developer, app development company or you just have a great idea and a dream to become one of the above, this could be your chance to turn your ideas for great apps into reality.

One of the main aspects of the Cairo Transport AppChallenge is the first [email protected], powered by AppCircus: a hands-on, ongoing project where developers, designers, businesses and creative people, come together to create innovative apps that provide the answers to everyday problems.

Taking part in the challenge will give you the chance to get expert help to build your app from our online mentors, form a team by connecting with like-minded designers, developers and programmers and make a real impact in the daily lives of millions of people.

Get involved! Start taking part now!

How does it work?

  • The Cairo Transport AppChallenge is open to all app creators: developers, marketeers or users with ideas.
  • The first step is to register for the challenge and start building your team. This is where [email protected] will help you to make and manage those contacts.
  • Now it’s time to get the briefing, understand the problem and start applying your creativity to find the solution.
  • [email protected] has begun! Now you’ve got the chance to use our online mentors to make your app a reality.
  • If you already have an app that you think fits the bill, you can submit it for consideration before the final deadline.
  • Our team of experts, along with the online community, will choose the top 10 transportation apps to participate in our grand final in Cairo on December 15.
  • Along with a cash prize, the winners will get the chance to present their app at the Mobile Premier Awards, which coincide with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2013!

Why do we need you?

Cairo is in transformation: at the forefront of the biggest social changes in the region, it’s a city in constant evolution. Cairo has inspired us and helped us to see that when people come together they can actually change things for the better. Now it’s time for us to try and give something back. Lets help Cairo run more smoothly.

Traffic congestion is a serious problem in the Cairo metropolitan area with substantial adverse effects on personal travel time, vehicle operating costs, air quality, public health and business operations.

We think that Mobile technology could provide the answer to some of the biggest challenges faced by Cairo’s commuters:

  • Lack of awareness of driving regulations and safety on the road.
  • Lack of information about private and public transport in Cairo.
  • The need to improve the quality of public transport by integrating new technologies.
  • Finding ways to improve security and minimize harassment of women traveling on public transport.
  • Improving mobility for people with physical challenges.
  • Finding ways to control traffic infractions and identify dangerous driving.

These are just some of the ways mobile technology could improve transportation in Cairo.  Now it’s up to you.

Get involved! Go to Cairo Transport AppChallenge today and start turning your app into a reality.

The Cairo Transport AppChallenge is sponsored by Google and Orange and supported by the World Bank, AppCircus, Google Developer Group (GDG) Cairo, Egyptian Ministry of CIT, TIEC, ITIDA, Egyptian Ministry of Transport, Green Arm, AYB, Arabnet and Wamda.

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