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Best app at SXSW wins a Motorola Xoom Tablet.

February 26th, 2011

With just a few weeks for South by South West Interactive, things are starting to heat up for AppCircus day-view at SXSW. Some of the Circus Mashimus partners are helping out with prizes such as the $1000 given away to all apps presenting on stage, in order to make things more interesting we have a new announcement today from one of our partners.

One app from AppCircus@SXSW will win a Xoom tablet.

Neustar will give a Motorola Xoom Tablet to the winner from the AppCircus celebrated on March 14th at the Circus Mashimus tent, what a better way to jump start and App Artist’s inspiration. Make sure to sign up at AppCircus, upload your app profile and then select to pitch at AppCircus@SXSW in order to be eligible to get this cool Motorola tablet.

Agenda for AppCircus@SXSW.

Date: March 14th.

Time: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Deadline to apply: March 2nd.

These are some of the benefits for attending AppCircus@SXSW, the location of the tent will be in a prime spot inside the SXSW hall.
•    Located in Room #3, on the first level near the popular Screenburn Arcade, the keynote room, and largest panel rooms.
•    Dedicated Internet access – the conference Wi-Fi may leave much to be desired.
•    Cushy lounge set-up – a comfortable retreat inside the old and cold convention center.  A perfect place to hold meetings, hook up with new clients or old friends, check email, updated your facebook profile, etc.

Submit your mobile applications to APPCircus.

Make sure to submit your apps for the event, it is FREE and this will get your application to be eligible for other events of APPCircus. Sign up in APPCircus and get a chance to pitch at SXSW in front of developers and companies during the biggest event in North America.

Follow us on twitter to get more information of other venues that are hosting an @APPCircus.


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