MPA16 Finalists: An interview with Signtist’s Arpita Khadria

In the third of our series of interviews with our wonderful MPA16 finalists we chat to Signtist’s Arpita Khadria about the app scene in India, her background and the future.

1: Tell us a bit about your background, how did you get involved in mobile technology?

I am a brand and marketing professional, with 10+ years of experience, who runs a consultancy start-up called Barefoot in Bangalore. I started my 2nd company in April 2014 called Bezzerk for flat design mobile game and app development. Signtist was the first product we wanted to launch because it was “new to the world”. I felt there was a big gap in the market for good flat design games and apps. Bezzerk is very sharply focused on intuitive UX and easy on the eye UI design. Our expertise in consumer behaviour has a rub off on the quality of work we do in Bezzerk.

Since I do not have any background in technology, making Signtist was a huge challenge. But that also made it a lot of fun because I got to learn a lot. And meet people from various backgrounds, outside of my domain expertise.

2: Who was involved in the building of the app, what were their roles?

Concept creator and copyright owner, Arpita Khadria. Produced and property of Bezzerk Inc. UX Design by Arpita Khadria and Siddhesh Rane. UI Design by Arpita Khadri and Karan Asran. The developer was Akshay Singh and the Brand Manager is Swapna Nandakumar.

3: How many users do you now have and where are they located?

We have around 1500 users on Android, mostly from India. We are yet to market the game. Once the iOS is approved, we will be taking it to the world. We have been shortlisted by Apple for a feature.

4: Once you app is on the market how do you promote it, and what assistance (besides funding) do you need to promote the app?

We used a brand partnership strategy for our launch because we had very limited money. The app was sponsored by Mentos India and we also raised some money through Indiegogo. All of it went into the development. Mentos promoted Signtist initially as content on their social pages. Signtist got some good reviews in India as well. We also want to reach out to reviewers and bloggers from across the world in order to create more awareness. This is a very new and unique idea which all genuine writers should cover.

The game can also be a great learning tool therefore, we can even be featured in education led articles. Funding will obviously help us market the game. But with the current resources, we will be doing FB ads

5: What are you working on now?

We are currently looking to get the iOS version of Signtist approved. That is our prime focus. Plus preparing for Barcelona 🙂 We will also try to integrate Tappx with Signtist and make full use of the 1 million credits. But in the future, we will be making and online multi-player version of the app, enhance the game play with more customization for each user. We will also look to release the game in various languages, starting with Spanish, since I have done 2 levels of Spanish myself. It is afterall the second most widely spoken language!

6: How is the app technology sector growing in India?

India is seeing a big boom for app development. All brands and companies want one. The timing of starting a business around app design is perfect for us. Bezzerk has designed 2 other apps which are already live,  Laundrokart app and healthandglow app