Congratulations to the winner of Appcircus @DroidconNL: Babbelbox App

On Monday, November 24, an AppCircus competition took place during the Democamp session in Droidcon Amsterdam. 7 finalist Android apps pitched live on stage in front of a jury of experts. The event gathered an excited and vibrant audience who followed the pitches and a very active livetweeting with the hashtag #Appcircus.

Babbelbox got the 1st place, with the innovative idea and concept to make own original video guestbook.

As a prize, Babbelbox app and the developer Frederik Dumazy (foto) won the big prize sponsored by Intel Software, including

  • a return flight to BCN for the Mobile World Congress ’15
  • 3-day visitor-pass to the Mobile World Congress ’15
  • the opportunity to pitch live at the Mobile Premier Awards 2015.

Congratulations to the winner and to all participating apps.  Here are some pictures from the event:

Appcircus goes to Droidcon Amsterdam!

Appcircus’ next appointment? Amsterdam!

Brilliant international Android app developers will gather in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to share their latest creations & showcase future and top trending apps.

This time Magic will happen on the first day of  Droidcon Netherlands, on November 24, at Hotel Casa 400.

What to expect?

10 entrepreneurial developers will pitch their Android app live on stage in front of a jury of Top Experts.  Intel Software sponsors a very attractive prize for the winner:

  • Return flight to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2015

  • Direct slot to pitch at the Mobile Premier Awards 2015, the largest cross-platform app showcase in the mobile industry

  • 3-day visitor pass to the Mobile World Congress 2015

What else? 😉

If you are an Android app developer and you’ll be in the Netherlands on 24 November, there are no doubts you should come and show your app!

Enter now your android app and participate for free. Deadline is November 10.

November is a global mobile showcase. APPCircus from coast to coast.

These couple of weeks have seen a number of AppCircus in cities across Europe and now we’re crossing mountains and oceans to arrive in time to events São Paulo, Austin, Athens and Malaysia. The next two months promises to be unforgettable for the mobile scene, where developers, entrepreneurs, Startups and the whole mobile community will get a chance to demonstrate that building applications on top of mobile platforms is not a passing fad.

We have been getting great feedback from the local organizers and we would like to thank each and everyone of the organizers, but also the team of volunteers that make every showcase a reality. There is no doubt that the mobile industry will continue to grow and AppCircus is glad to be part of it.

Be part of a global cross-platform showcase.

This is an invitation open for everyone, event organizers and application developers so all of you can be part of AppCircus, working together we can sprout opportunities for business where there was none. The organizers can benefit from getting the community together and be a central part of the local mobile scene; the developers get a cross-platform showcase that does not focus on a single platform and also get valuable feedback from the audience.

AppCircus is an ongoing series of events. We’re already building the AppCircus calendar of events for 2011! If you are an event organizerinterested in setting one up, we would like to hear from you, please contact us here.

For developers, Startups and Entrepreneurs building apps sign up here.

Upcoming Events.

25.October.2010 – Slovenia[email protected] Slovenia
Deadline for Application sign up: 20.October.2010
28.October.2010 – Edinburgh[email protected] Edinburgh
Deadline for Application sign up: 27.October.2010
28.October.2010 – London[email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 27.October.2010

Events in November.

Make sure to mark your calendar for these future events happening next month. Write down the deadlines so you have time to sign up your application. Remember that an external jury selected by the organizers will be choosing the apps and the day of the event the audience will choose the best application being demoed.

5.November.2010 – Athens[email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 2.November.2010
8.November.2010 – Dublin[email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 2.November.2010
11.November.2010 – Kuala Lumpur[email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 7.November.2010
15.November.2010 – Paris – [email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 31.October.2010
15.November.2010 – Bologna [email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 11.November.2010
16.November.2010 – Austin [email protected]@Texas Wireless Summit
Deadline for Application sign up: 12.November.2010
17.November.2010 – Barcelona Bdigital [email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 3.November.2010
22.November.2010 – Zagreb [email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 15.November.2010
22.November.2010 – Munich [email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 9.November.2010
29.November.2010 – Berlin [email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 13.November.2010
29.November.2010 – Belfast [email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 13.November.2010
29.November.2010 – Malmo [email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 14.November.2010

We are eager to see you at any of these events, so we can get the word out about the cool things happening in your city.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter @AppCircus and get in the conversation, we are always looking to engage with developers and organizers.

AppCircus in Full Swing!

AppCircus is now in full swing with over 40 events worldwide! See the full list of confirmed event cities here.

We are proud to announce the latest winner of the [email protected] in Brussels: Samsonite travel miles received a nomination for the Mobile Premier Awards on February 14, 2011 during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Congratulations!

If you’re a developer and would like to showcase your app in one of the AppCircus events coming near you, sign up here!

Upcoming AppCircus events in October:

11.10.2010 – Milan – [email protected]@MoMo Milan
Deadline for app submission: closed

18.10.2010 – Oslo – [email protected]@MoMo Oslo
Deadline for app submission: 15.10.2010

25.10.2010 – Slovenia – [email protected]@MoMo Slovenia
Deadline for app submission: 20.10.2010

28.10.2010 – Edingburgh – [email protected]@MoMo Edinburgh
Deadline for app submission: 14.10.2010

28.10.2010 – London – [email protected]@Droidcon
Deadline for app submission: 19.10.2010

Stay tuned here for more AppCircus announcements.

Let us know if you would like to set up an AppCircus in your city.

The APPCircus Droids are coming to UK – DroidCon London

We are announcing that APPCircus is coming to the United Kingdom, which we are helping organized with DroidCon London. This will make a great evening so developers, entrepreneurs, Startups and mobile service providers can connect during the showcase at [email protected].

The goal is showcasing developers/Startups and the mobile applications created by them, getting the whole community involved to help them promote there apps internationally, the reason is that one application will get a chance to present at the Mobile Premier Awards in Barcelona in 2011. So this event is a must for aspiring companies in the mobile community.

Submit your mobile application to showcase at APPCircus DroidCon London, you will be help you create a bio for your application, which is FREE of charge and open to all developers world wide. Anyone can apply for APPCircus.

The venue for [email protected] London.

The event will be held the 28th of October at Angel Business Design Centre, information of the venue.

Deadline for app submission is the 10th of October.

Reasons to apply for APPCircus.

We know that it’s getting more difficult to show your mobile applications on the Internet, there are just too many blogs and market places online and your app gets lots in the noise.

So we are building the largest mobile event showcase this industry has ever seen, so we can provide you with the opportunity to learn from your peers and pro’s, and come home with an experience of seeing cutting edge technology and knowledge from international experts.

The event will enhance your vision on the mobile application space. That is why we are working with the MobileMonday community and a judging panel of experts that can help us choose the best applications to showcase.

We are a cross platform event, so we are not tied to any platform, we are always pushing for diversity in the mobile communications space.

Do not miss this chance to be part of a global event, so your message can reach bloggers, podcasters, journalists, developers, entrepreneurs and companies that are involved in the mobile industry.

Join us in London and connect with @APPCircus on Twitter.

The AppCircus Autumn Tour

We are currently putting together our AppCircus  calendar of events for this autumn. We have already some 30 cities confirmed that will integrate an AppCircus at their local event, ranging from Mobile Mondays or Open Coffee Club events to droidcon camps and other international conferences. We have events scheduled in North America, LATAM, EMEA and Asia.

If you’re interested to host an AppCircus at your event in your city, feel free to contact us to receive more information as an organizer or as a supporter.

The AppCircus is an open source global traveling showcase of the most creative and innovative apps presented by their creators during some of the most influential international events in mobile/web. AppCircus is open to developers, startups and any other organization.

Here’s a short recap of the FAQ to organize an AppCircus at your local event:

* it’s FREE!
* it integrates easily into any event (you just need 20 to 40 minutes for 5 or 10 app presentations)
* you can keep any local sponsoring you raise
* we share international sponsoring (if available)
* you select your local jury to select the presenting apps
* it’s your local nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards

If you’d like to be included in our launch communications in September and get your event scheduled on our website, please contact us asap and we’ll get back to you with all details.