Hair Construction wins AppCircus WebCongress Miami

[email protected] Miami was a great event and got the mobile community together to promote innovation in mobility. The audience saw the different mobile applications do their demos, with 3 minutes of pitching per app and when the show was coming to an end, the jury chose:

The winning app was Hair Construction – Stylez App, created by Cory Hoffart Company

The apps that did not win on this edition of [email protected] Miami should get a mention for being on stage and making the effort. There would not be a showcase without them!

Edward Jezisek
Tim Saarela
Mayer Mizrachi
Andres Lopez

We hope that everyone came out of the mobile showcase with some valuable feedback they can put back into the application in order to make it better. For the audience we hope that you have gotten a chance to look at up and coming talent from Miami and that next time we might see you up on the stand pitching your mobile app.