The Better Life App Challenge’s global search ends with Spain’s Psonríe app crowned winner

The Softonic powered Better Life App Challenge has reached it’s end after a grand finale event held at the Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damm, Barcelona last night.

9 global developers took to the stage and pitched their life bettering application to an onstage jury of industry officials including Softonic’s Business & MKT Director David Jordan and e-growing founder Vanessa Estorach.  

Catalonian Psychology app Psonríe was crowned overall winner, claiming $5,000 of the $10,000 prize money and product acceleration rewards from Softonic. Already claiming the ‘Citizen Empowerment’ award at last month’s Smart City Hack Event, held within SCEWC 16, the apps ability to connect users to a qualified psychologist for short, affordable conversation truly matched the project’s goals and showed clear usability.

Winning 2nd place and $3,000 was Daysk app, an ingenious platform for users to find new places to work remotely.

Finally, grabbing 3rd place and the last $2,000 was Kiwicampus, an on demand food delivery app for campuses, promising ease and delivery in around just 20 minutes for busy students.

Launched in July with a hackathon at the Barcelona Mobile World Centre, the Better Life App Challenge project sought to find apps that bettered the everyday lives of users within the following themes – Personal Goals, Lifelong Learning, Work-Life Balance, Better Life At Work, Respect, Collaboration, Privacy and Safety.

Submission was free for developers and included a three month incubation programme including webinars for those who wished to use it. Nearly 70 apps were eventually sent from all over the globe including the U.S, UK, Germany, Russia, Bosnia, Chile, Demark and Nigeria covering a wide range of topics.

Full list of last night’s finalists can be found here.

The Better Life App Challenge announces its 10 finalists after five and a half months of incubation and submissions

The Softonic powered Better Life App Challenge has closed its submission and voting phases and can now publicly announce its ten most impressive submissions. Launched in July with a hackathon at the Barcelona Mobile World Centre, the project sought to find apps that bettered the everyday lives of users within the following themes – Personal Goals, Lifelong Learning, Work-Life Balance, Better Life At Work, Respect, Collaboration, Privacy and Safety.

Submission was free for developers and included a three month incubation programme including webinars for those who wished to use it. Nearly 70 apps were sent from all over the globe including the U.S, UK, Germany, Russia, Colombia and Nigeria covering a range of topics.

The finalists are as follows:

1. Kiwi Campus (Bogotá, Colombia)  Theme: Collaboration (IOS, Android). 
A platform to connect students, doing favors and deliveries on demand in college campuses.

2. Snackson (Barcelona, España) Theme: Lifelong Learning (IOS, Android). Is a mobile based e-learning service where companies and institutions can carry out training actions for their employees.

3. Thingthing Keyboard (Barcelona, Spain) Theme: Better Live at Work (IOS). Connects Calendar, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, GIFs and much more, all from within one keyboard.

4. Keychn – Live Streaming the world of home cooking (Barcelona, Spain) Theme: Lifelong Learning (IOS). A live streaming cooking app that connects foodies all around the world.

5. Get ZENd  (Toronto, Canada) Theme: Personal Goal (Android). Stress reducing app that adds clarity, improves your sleeping pattern and improves focus.

6. Schooltivity (Valencia, Spain) Theme: Work Life Balance / Better Life at Work (Android, IOS). A digital platform that improves communication between parents and daycare centres.

7. DAYSK (Barcelona) Theme: Work Life Balance / Better Life at Work (Android, IOS). Daysk promotes working mobility for professionals by easing the process of working remotely.

8. Joosr Book Summaries (United Kingdom, Brighton) Theme: Lifelong Learning (IOS). Boost your knowledge in just 20 minutes with summaries from great non-fiction texts.

9. Instant (India, Pune) Theme: Personal Goal (IOS / Android). Using varied personal analytics to help people lead a healthier and more productive life.

10. Psonríe (Barcelona) Theme: Personal Goal (Android). Solution to anonymously connect users with psychiatric professionals for quick, low rate conversations.  

These ten will compete at a grand final event to be held on December 13th at the Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damm in Barcelona. An onstage jury of industry experts including Softonic’s Business and MKT Director David Jordan, Softonic VP Product Gino Micacchi, GSMA mSchools Manager David Vilella and and e-growing founder Vanessa Estorach will be evaluating each developer’s pitch and their products merits.  

The top three apps will spilt 10,000 US in cash as well as Softonic providing impressive promotional rewards and app acceleration for select apps. Audience attendance for the final is free and will be followed by a networking session with complimentary beer and snacks.

Better Life App Challenge counts PickASO, PCatalà, Andro4all, iPadizate, and Difoosion, as its media partners.

An Interview With Storage Together’s Luke Amargo, Winner of Smart City Hack’s ‘Best Solution’ Award 2016

Five months of hackathons, competitions and a worldwide product search led to last week’s Smart City Hack final – and what a final we had! In front of a packed audience, as well as all the passing Smart City Expo visitors, our ten finalists passionately pitched away their apps and solutions to our jury of industry professionals. No one pitched more passionately though than Storage Together’s Luke Amargo. Coming all the way from Phoenix, A.Z. Luke laid out the app’s potential and the team’s future goals with real panache, resulting in Storage Together being awarded the ‘Best Solution 2016’ prize. We grabbed him for a quick chat about the app’s dramatic beginnings and plans for 2017.

What’s your background?
English Literature from Grand Canyon University with minors in Design and Entrepreneurial Studies.

What caused your first interest in apps and developing?

I started focusing purely on writing, I loved creating worlds. However there was more things to create beyond fiction and it was great having people rally behind an idea. This got me into developing.

Where did the concept for the app come from?

I had a car accident on my way to my college, and my items got destroyed. I discovered if I burdened my stuff at a friend’s house or a pricey storage unit my stuff would’ve been fine. So I combined both ideas and had this idea of “share economy-fying” self-storage.  Eureka from a wreck.

The sharing economy has seen huge growth and exposure in the past few years, do you think apps will continue to lead the charge?  

Apps that simply allow accountability and flexibility we’ve not had in the past. Though desktops in theory could do the same, applications have geolocation and portability, so apps are a necessity. Our competitors don’t have an app, so I don’t consider them 100% members of the “share economy.”

How did you hear about Smart City Hack?

My company does an incredible number of pitches, and this was on the radar when I was doing research at Grand Canyon University.

What’s been your proudest moment so far?
Winning this! It has been an incredible honor. We got to bring the prize back to GCU, Phoenix and to my family. I have been praying for adventures, and this was by far, one of the favorite adventures (also my favorite time in Europe). I remember also, afterwards, taking a guitar and performing right by Plaça d’Espanya to celebrate.
Reaching your audience is one of the hardest challenges with any product, how do you plan to attract more users?

Organic is ideal. For instance, people who refer us personally to their peers is my favorite way of marketing. However, with the need of storage being prevalent in our target market of college students, all we have to do is argue our value proposition. Money stays with locals. You save money (40% below the industry). Also, you have more space for your life! We have some guerilla marketing and of course SEO/FB Ads on the way. But I treasure organic reach.

Where do you see the future of the app going? What are your expansion plans? 

We don’t have to build brick-and-mortar stores, we have room to really focus our funds. Scalability is huge for our vision of storage since the market has been growing even during financially tough times.

We want to have a stronger app so we can scale in any city without us having to jump in and ruin the flow of commerce, so we gotta tighten our backend. We are going to expand college to college (people who love the share economy), city to city and then the whole nation. We have a man in London who wants to launch a European beta test. We are focusing on quality, since the share economy is built on trust.

Combyne wins the Appcircus on Fashion London 2015

The app Combyne has been chosen by a panel of expert jurors at the Appcircus on Fashion as the Best Fashion App in its 2015 edition, held at Campus London.

Combyne, is an app that inspires users to create amazing looks in a quick and easy way. It has the possibility to swipe a carefully curated selection of current trends and vintage fashion by over 500 designers, and share your style and get feedback from other #combynistas and style icons.

8 of the most innovative Fashion Apps gathered on September 21 at Google Campus London and presented their projects in front of an on stage Jury and an audience of 70 attendees.

At the jury panel we were pleased to have the participation of important figures in the Fashion Industry like:

– Daniela Cecilio | CEO at ASAP54

-Mark Masterson | Developer Relations Programme Lead at Google

– Matthew Drinkwater | Head of Fashion Innovation Agency

– Leo Castellanos | Investment Director at Saatchinvest

– Phillip Zissimou | Application SW Engineer

As winners of this edition, Combyne won a direct slot to the Mobile Premier Awards 2016 – the biggest app showcase on earth during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

We want to give special thanks to our main sponsor Intel, to all participants, jury and the vibrant public for attending and supporting the apps!

Here are some pictures from the event:

Mimi Hearing Test wins the Appcircus conhIT Berlin 2015

The app Mimi Hearing Test has been voted and chosen by a top expert jury of the Appcircus conhIT Berlin as the Best mhealth App in its 2015 edition.

Mimi Hearing Test,  is an app that transforms any smartphone into a hearing aid for empower those with reduced hearing and take an active part in daily life – in an easy, intuitive and affordable way.

10 of the most innovative mhealth Apps gathered together on April 15 at the conhIT – Europe’s leading industry event for healthcare IT and presented their projects in front of an on stage Jury and an audience of 90 attendees.

As winners of this edition, Mimi Hearing won a nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards 2016 – the biggest app showcase on earth during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

We want to send special thanks to all participants, jury and the vibrant public for attending and supporting the apps!

Here are some pictures from the event:

El Barcelona Smart City App Hack comienza con 25 proyectos y 150 participantes

El Smart City App Hack comenzó el sábado en el Ateneu de Fabricació Digital de las Corts con una sesión inaugural en la que participaron 150 personas organizadas en 25 grupos. Todos ellos comenzaron a definir la aplicación móvil con la cual participarán en este concurso internacional para buscar soluciones móviles en el ámbito de las smart cities que está impulsado por la ciudad de Barcelona. El objetivo principal es crear una red colaborativa de ciudades y ciudadanos que den respuesta a los retos de las ciudades del siglo XXI.

Durante la jornada del sábado se reunieron desarrolladores de aplicaciones, diseñadores, creativos, especialistas en diferentes áreas y ciudadanos comprometidos e interesados en colaborar en el desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles para las smart cities. Los cinco grandes ámbitos del concurso son transporte urbano, energía y sostenibilidad, cultura y turismo, comercio y compras y ciudad colaborativa.

La sesión comenzó con un mercado de ideas en el que los participantes compartieron sus ideas en formato ‘elevator pitch’, que después dio paso a un espacio para el ‘brainstorming’ donde la ideas iniciales fueron mejoradas con la colaboración de mentores y participantes. Más tarde, tuvieron lugar cuatro workshops simultáneos sobre las tecnologías que los participantes tendrán a su alcance durante todo el proceso: FIWARE APIs, Open Data BCN y TMB, BCN Contactless, Mastercard OpenAPIs e iCity APIs.

Hack at Home y competición online

Este primer encuentro también sirvió para que los participantes conocieran a los mentores que les guiarán a lo largo del proceso, desde la idea inicial hasta el desarrollo de una aplicación real, descargable y disponible para todos.

Una vez iniciado el concurso, se da paso al Concept Hack at Home y se habilita una plataforma para dar soporte online al proceso de desarrollo de las apps. En esta fase, los equipos trabajarán los conceptos y las ideas iniciales de aplicaciones con la tutorización de mentores y expertos. Los primeros resultados se podrán ver en una Demo Party que tendrá lugar en el mes de junio.

La siguiente fase, el Product Hack at Home, se desarrollará entre julio y septiembre y permitirá la transformación de las apps en un producto final viable. Al final de este proceso, tendrá lugar la competición online en la que todas las aplicaciones acabadas estarán abiertas a una votación pública y la evaluación del jurado. De esta fase saldrán las 10 mejores apps de la ciudad que competirán en la final local, en octubre.

La participación en todas las fases no es obligatoria, de manera que en cada etapa se podrán incorporar nuevos desarrolladores que no hayan participado en fases anteriores.

10.000 euros en premios

Los finalistas que competirán en la final local optarán a un primer y un segundo premio dotados con 8.000 y 2.000 euros respectivamente, tal como se anunció en la presentación, y tendrán la posibilidad de participar en la gran gala final entre todas las ciudades participantes que se celebrará en el  marco de la Smart City Expo 2015.

Hay que recordar que en estos momentos, junto a Barcelona, participan en el Smart City App Hack las ciudades de Dubai, Helsinki y Gante como ciudad asociada. El proyecto de inclusión está en marcha y está previsto que en las próximas semanas continúen sumándose ciudades de todo el mundo. Cada ciudad tendrá su propio calendario y metodología adaptados a su ritmo pero todas coincidirán en el objetivo de crear aplicaciones móviles para mejorar la vida de los ciudadanos.

Sobre el Smart City App Hack

El proyecto Smart City App Hack está impulsado por el Ayuntamiento de Barcelona como una plataforma abierta a ciudades de todo el mundo que deseen fomentar la iniciativa empresarial local y la creación de valor para sus ciudadanos. Está patrocinado por FIWARE y MasterCard, que ofrecerán soporte con mentores, recursos y grandes premios.

Smart City App Hack reúne a una red mundial de ciudades inteligentes que se enfrentan a retos similares y comparten una visión: convertir a los ciudadanos en creadores de aplicaciones, dándoles el poder para desarrollarlas y lograr una ciudad mejor. Para hacerlo posible, un equipo de expertos ayudará a los participantes a desarrollar su app desde la idea hasta la aplicación final.

Smart City App Hack se puede seguir en la cuenta de Twitter @smartcityhack con el hashtag #SCAH y en la página de Facebook:

También encontraréis información en la web

Dubai joins the global Smat City App Hack challenge

Dubai, Barcelona, Helsinki and Ghent are the cities currently confirmed to participate in the Smart City App Hack sponsored by FIWARE and Mastercard, a new global app challenge that is just starting. The cities will join forces aiming to create a network of citizens that will collaborate in designing and building the Smart Cities of 21st century, through mobile app development.

Dubai Internet City (DIC), the MENA region’s largest ICT free zone, is the official partner for Dubai’s Smart City App Hack project, which will connect the emirate’s local app and tech ecosystem with developers from around the world to create products and applications that will help improve the lives of citizens.

Together with Dubai, the following cities are currently confirmed: Barcelona (Spain), founder of the project, and Helsinki (Finland); additionally, Ghent (Belgium) is following the process as an associated city. The project is still open for participation and more cities are to be announced in the following weeks.

The Dubai Smart City App Hack will take place from May to September; during these 5 months, developers, entrepreneurs and citizens who want to get involved in the building of a Smart City will participate in the process of creating, developing and polishing their apps, receiving mentoring from a global team of mobile experts online who will guide them throughout the process and help them get from idea to final app.

Participants can find inspiration in the main themes that present common challenges for cities around the world: urban mobility, energy & emissions, shopping & retail, culture & tourism, and the collaborative city.

At the end of the project, all the cities will celebrate their city finals, where the best ten apps will present and the local winners will be chosen. After that, the top apps from all participating cities will be invited to present and compete in the final award gala, taking place in Barcelona during the Smart City Expo 2015 in November.

About the Smart City App Hack

The Smart City App Hack brings together a global network of smart cities that face similar challenges and share one vision: to turn citizens into App Makers, empowering them to build apps and businesses that will make for a better city.

The Smart City App Hack is sponsored by FIWARE and Mastercard both providing invaluable support including mentorship in their respective areas and some great prizes.

The Smart City App Hack has been initiated by the City of Barcelona as an open platform for cities around the world wishing to foster local entrepreneurship and value creation for it’s citizens.

Visit also our web

The top 10 mhealth Apps will pitch live on stage in Berlin at the biggest App show on Earth.

Appcircus arrives to the conhIT – Europe’s leading industry event for healthcare IT on 15 April, where the most innovative mhealth Apps will pitch in order to become the greatest healthcare IT mobile app.

The online jury decided their 10 favorites apps and these are the finalists:

  • +WoundDesk: is an all in one mobile solution for professional wound management, that saves time, reduces errors and improves wound healing.

  • iMedOne Mobile: an app that enables doctors and nurses to access electronic patient records stored in the iMedOne® hospital information system at the point of care.

  • Sandman.MD: is the first comprehensive anesthesia documentation on an iPad, which includes the treatment process of patient admission to the anesthesia planning and management of the anesthetic record until transfer of the patient.

  • Mimi Hearing Test: an app that transforms any smartphone into a hearing aid for empower those with reduced hearing and take an active part in daily life – in an easy, intuitive and affordable way.

  • Tinnitus Balance App: shows your medical health strategy, bringing Mobile Connectivity e.g. to healthcare producers.

  • TK-Diabetes Tagebuch: blood sugar management at a glance.

  • CardioSecur active: a portable heart monitor, CardioSecur active is the clinical grade mobile ECG for smartphones.

  • Infoskop econsent: the future of patient communication including: qualified, timely and understandable diagnosis, treatment and possible medical measures to inform, etc.

  • Smart medicationTM – Hilfe zur Heimselbstbehandlung: an app for hemophilia patients.

  • Telereha: a revolutionary self-management software for patients with phantom pain after leg amputation.

On April 15, the On Stage jury will have the difficult job to choose the best among the bests. They are looking for the top of the top in apps for interaction between doctors, nursing care and patients in Europe.

The best app of the AC AppCircus conhIT will win a nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards 2016 – the biggest app showcase on earth during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

You can register to the Appcircus conhIT at our website!

The ADC Best in Apps finalists!

We are happy to announce the 16 apps selected to join us at the ADC Best in Apps on November, 5-7, at Los Angeles Convention Center. From the creators of the Game Developers Conference (GDC), the event will showcase future and top trending apps related to Entertainment, Education, Lifestyle and Health & Wellness. You can register here to attend the event.

Here is the list of the finalists:

Here below is the jury  who will be judging the apps on stage at ADC Best in Apps:

Founder, Mindgrub

Senior Product Designer, Evernote
Growth Product Manager, Evernote

CTO and Founder of WillowTree Apps®, Inc.
Contributing Editor, iPhone Life Magazine

Co-Founder, Gravity Switch

Meet the Open Data Tourism finalists!

This are the apps selected by the jury of the Open Data Tourism Hack-at-Home and that together with the public vote winner, Onfan Food, will attend the Smart City Expo, on November 21st, in Barcelona and compete for one of our final prizes! Congratulations to all!!

Spot in Helsinki/Spot in Lisbon



Tales & Tours

GuideMeUp OpenCities


Ztl Alert Free

Take a Hike!


And our public vote winner:  Onfan food

Follow the Open Data Tourism on Twitter: #odtourism