Cairo Transport App Challenge: The Finalists!

A couple of months ago, AppCircus in collaboration with The World Bank and CDG Cairo (among others), launched the first Cairo Transport App Challenge: an online challenge designed to find app solutions for Cairo’s transport problems. There was massive interest from developers, who demonstrated creative ways that mobile apps can help the people of Cairo get around their city more easily.

Now we’re happy to announce the finalists, who will be presenting their apps in Cairo on December 15:


A smartphone app which displays aggregated crowd-sourced traffic conditions on a map of Cairo with quick access to detailed traffic conditions of Cairo’s main streets.

Arkabeh (What Should I ride?)

A  full transportation guide that helps its users to get the most out of the public transport network in Cairo.

An Egyptian public transportation guide, which contains all public transportation data for Cairo and Giza.

Smart-GTS (Smart Group Transportation Solutions)

An app which enables convenient carpooling, group transportation and shared rides.

Beliaa … Mobile Car Mechanic

A useful app that helps car owners to keep their cars in shape.


An All-In-One community based traffic Application, that integrates many services in the same interface in an easy and smart way.

ShowMe The Traffic

An app that uses Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) to investigate and offer solutions to the traffic jam problems in Egypt.


Emokhalfa aims at enhancing driving conduct and helping the community to get safer roads by creating a means of delivering community pressure to their fellow drivers.

Drivers Buster

Monitor driver’s performance and categorizes them into ‘best’ and ‘worst’.

Autobeesy – Feen

Tired of waiting for your bus? This app will tell you when and where it was last seen.

A great selection of transport apps! Lets see which one takes the top prize in Cairo.