AppCircus Rome – winning mobile application – iMathematics

The organizers from MobileMonday Italy created another great event this time in the capital city of Rome and got the mobile community together to promote innovation in Italy,  The organizers selected Lettere Caffé which was a great place to get a glimpse of the developers, companies and Startups that are making Bucharest and Romania their headquarters.

We would like to make a special mention to MobileMonday Italy for setting up the events [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].

The audience saw the different mobile applications do their demos, with 3 minutes of pitching per app and when the show was coming to an end, the mobile community chose:

The winning app was iMathematics.

The apps that did not win on this edition of [email protected] should get a mention for being on stage and making the effort. There would not be a showcase without them. In no particular order these are the rest of the mobile applications:

We hope that everyone (developers and the audience) came out of the mobile showcase with some valuable feedback they can put back into the application in order to make it better.

If you missed the chance to be part of AppCircus Rome, you can have a look and see a list of confirmed events from around the globe.

The next events on the agenda are:

If you are a mobile developer, Startup or company and would like to be part of AppCircus, please sign up to our global platform and hope to see you at a nearby event. For event organizers, if you are interested in hosting an AppCircus in your city, please contact us.

See you all at an AppCircus near you! Remember to follow us on twitter @AppCircus.

3 tents have been setup to display mobile talents from Austria, France and Italy

Now the entrepreneurs, Startups and companies selected for the events at [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] will have a chance to get some live feedback on their proposals and also their pitch. Get ready for a great show, we will be using a mobile application to capture the voting. Make sure you come down to APPCircus and have a look at the apps being presented and the teams behind those innovations.

We are really excited to see what the European mobile scene matches against other AppCircus events in Asia and America. That is why we want to offer a truly open cross-platform mobile showcase and we are delivering it directly to your city, thanks to the great local organizers that have teamed up with APPCircus.

There is excitement in the air and we will see how the audience votes for what they believe is the best app of the night, which lands an opportunity to compete at the Mobile Premier Awards 2011 in Barcelona, during the Mobile World Congress.

Sorry but we are past the deadline for all of these events! But you can still register your app and apply to pitch at another APPCircus event in this list.

After the event make sure to tag your photos and videos with the hashtag #appcircus, so we can get them published in our blog. We will not be announced the winner right away, there must be some suspense at the Circus so this can be a true show and we can make sure the voting was done correctly, so no hard feelings sprout.

We look forward to connecting with you in our Twitter account, @AppCircus. Wishing all the presenters the best of luck and hoping to see the apps in Barcelona next year.

Bologna is setting up the tent and the apps are lining up.

Currently there are 9 apps selected to pitch at the MobileMonday Bologna event next Monday, November 15 in Bologna, Italy.

There is still room to pitch your app at this event.

You can register your app here (deadline: Sunday, November 14 at midnight).

November is a global mobile showcase. APPCircus from coast to coast.

These couple of weeks have seen a number of AppCircus in cities across Europe and now we’re crossing mountains and oceans to arrive in time to events São Paulo, Austin, Athens and Malaysia. The next two months promises to be unforgettable for the mobile scene, where developers, entrepreneurs, Startups and the whole mobile community will get a chance to demonstrate that building applications on top of mobile platforms is not a passing fad.

We have been getting great feedback from the local organizers and we would like to thank each and everyone of the organizers, but also the team of volunteers that make every showcase a reality. There is no doubt that the mobile industry will continue to grow and AppCircus is glad to be part of it.

Be part of a global cross-platform showcase.

This is an invitation open for everyone, event organizers and application developers so all of you can be part of AppCircus, working together we can sprout opportunities for business where there was none. The organizers can benefit from getting the community together and be a central part of the local mobile scene; the developers get a cross-platform showcase that does not focus on a single platform and also get valuable feedback from the audience.

AppCircus is an ongoing series of events. We’re already building the AppCircus calendar of events for 2011! If you are an event organizerinterested in setting one up, we would like to hear from you, please contact us here.

For developers, Startups and Entrepreneurs building apps sign up here.

Upcoming Events.

25.October.2010 – Slovenia[email protected] Slovenia
Deadline for Application sign up: 20.October.2010
28.October.2010 – Edinburgh[email protected] Edinburgh
Deadline for Application sign up: 27.October.2010
28.October.2010 – London[email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 27.October.2010

Events in November.

Make sure to mark your calendar for these future events happening next month. Write down the deadlines so you have time to sign up your application. Remember that an external jury selected by the organizers will be choosing the apps and the day of the event the audience will choose the best application being demoed.

5.November.2010 – Athens[email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 2.November.2010
8.November.2010 – Dublin[email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 2.November.2010
11.November.2010 – Kuala Lumpur[email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 7.November.2010
15.November.2010 – Paris – [email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 31.October.2010
15.November.2010 – Bologna [email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 11.November.2010
16.November.2010 – Austin [email protected]@Texas Wireless Summit
Deadline for Application sign up: 12.November.2010
17.November.2010 – Barcelona Bdigital [email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 3.November.2010
22.November.2010 – Zagreb [email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 15.November.2010
22.November.2010 – Munich [email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 9.November.2010
29.November.2010 – Berlin [email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 13.November.2010
29.November.2010 – Belfast [email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 13.November.2010
29.November.2010 – Malmo [email protected]
Deadline for Application sign up: 14.November.2010

We are eager to see you at any of these events, so we can get the word out about the cool things happening in your city.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter @AppCircus and get in the conversation, we are always looking to engage with developers and organizers.