Ya están aquí, las 10 apps finalistas de Appcircus Madrid, ¡suerte a todas el 18 de mayo!

Apps para gestionar la economía personal y para el ocio son los grupos temáticos mayoritarios en los que se engloban las aplicaciones que estarán en la final de Appcircus Madrid. En total, 10 apps elegidas entre 66 participantes que competirán el día 18 en el Madrid International Lab. Aquí las tenéis:

Videona, una aplicación para Android con la que se puede grabar, editar y compartir clips en tiempo real. 

Mooverang, aplicación para Android e iOS con la que gestionar las finanzas personales, que además da consejos personalizados, avisos y recomendaciones.

Free Touring, una aplicación para Android que promueve el turismo colaborativo al poner en contacto a guías y turistas para organizar freetours sin intermediarios.

Catawiki, con esta app para Android e iOS el usuario puede participar en subastas online semanales de artículos singulares.

Weplan, una app gratuita para Android e iOS, para controlar el gasto telefónico y encontrar la mejor tarifa.

FanDazTap, app para Android con la que el usuario puede jugar con su música favorita llevando el ritmo con los dedos y competir con los amigos para ver quién lo hace mejor.

The Circle of Health es una aplicación disponible para iOS que ayuda al usuario a mejorar su salud cardiovascular.

Thingthing Keyborad es una app para iOS ideal para las persona que trabajan desde el móvil ya que permite acceder a distintos documentos desde un único teclado.

Womenalia App, diseñada para Android e iOS, permite acceder a la primera red social networking de mujeres.

Y myBeweeg Trainers & Workouts, una app para Android e iOS con la que el usuario puede encontrar entrenadores personales o acceder a entrenamientos personalizados.

El jurado de expertos encargado de elegir la ganadora estará formado por: Elia Méndez, Managing Director Spain en la Mobile Marketing Association, Carlos Rodríguez, Fundador y CEO de Wazypark, Alberto León, Global Partnerships Senior Manager en Telefónica, Diana Morato, CEO de Deliveroo España, y Javier Castro, especialista en Promoción de Apps de Google.

Precisamente Javier Castro será el encargado de impartir el keynote con la charla ‘Find the right users, find success’, dirigida a desarrolladores y centrada en la promoción de apps en Europa. Castro, que desarrolla su labor profesional en Google Irlanda, vendrá expresamente para hablar sobre la importancia de encontrar los usuarios adecuados para que una app tenga éxito. También compartirá su experiencia con nosotros Jorge Guijarro, fundador de The Long Finger Company, cuya app Schooltivity como sabéis ganó la edición 2015 de Appcircus Madrid y el Audience Award en los Mobile Premier Awards 2016.  

Los que queráis venir ya os podéis apuntar gratuitamente en este enlace. El aforo es limitado por lo que os recomendamos hacer la inscripción cuanto antes. Y como siempre, después de la competición tendremos un rato para networking entre todos los asistentes, pero eso sí, con una cervezita y unas tapas de por medio 😉 

Recordamos que Appcircus Madrid ha contado con la colaboración del Ayuntamiento de Madrid y con Andro4all, Difoosion, PickASOIpadizate, e ITespresso como media partners.

Os esperamos a toda la comunidad de desarrolladores de Madrid, ¡no faltéis!

An Interview with CatchMyPain’s Daniel Lawniczak, AC conhIT 2016 Winner

Following their recent win at our conhIT event we chat to Sanovation AG/CatchMyPain CEO and co-founder Daniel Lawniczak about the app’s creation and the future of mHealth…

Where’d the initial idea for the app come from?

I am a chronic pain patient myself. It took me several years and over 20 visits to different doctors until I finally found the right diagnosis and the right set of treatments for my problem. It was an excruciating odyssey. During that time I had a constant thought in my mind: There must be other patients on this planet having the exact same problem like me and some of them must have found a solution already. I wanted patients to be able to learn from each other. That’s why I started working on CatchMyPain in 2009.

Was the community aspect of the app something you intended to
include from the beginning?

Yes, based on my own experience, I assumed others would love to talk to other patients as well. Friends and family try to help but only a person who has the same condition can really understand what it means to deal with it on a daily basis and can give meaningful advice.

Reaching your audience is one of the hardest challenges with any product, how did you attract patients to the app?

So far, we have reached over 130’000 users worldwide. Our key drivers are app store optimization and word of mouth. We’ve spent only a couple of hundred dollars on ads to drive users to our app.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned with the success of the app so far?

Keep it simple and focus on the one feature that has the biggest impact on your users.

What’s been your proudest moment?

Every time I check our app reviews or user feedback, I see what positive impact our app is having on patients around the world. I am very proud to see that our small app can make such a big difference in people’s lives.

There’s been a lot of buzz around mHealth apps recently and Apple
has just released its first CareKit apps this week. Where do you see
the sector going in the next few years?

mHealth is the most exciting sector right now. 90% of healthcare still works the same way it did 50 years ago. This will dramatically change within the next 10 years. Big players will be out of business and new companies will emerge. I am glad to see big players like Apple driving innovation and pragmatic standards. Yet, the most important driver for change are innovative startups like us who focus on and understand the needs of the most important stakeholder in the healthcare business: Patients.

What next for CatchMyPain?

We are working on a big relaunch of CatchMyPain under the name Pain Companion. Besides a modern design, we are introducing some new exciting community features. The relaunch should happen end of May or June 2016. Besides our own app, we are working on a couple of exciting projects with companies in the healthcare sector.

For more information visit CatchMyPain.com and its company Sanovation.com

Time to share our wonderful mHealth conhIT finalists!

Following our previous years successful event we’ll once more be bringing our unique global app showcase to conhIT Berlin! Europe’s leading event for healthcare IT.  Taking place April 20, the event will give our developers a chance to pitch their pioneering mHealth apps in front of leading industry players as well receiving expert feedback from an onstage jury.

Additionally the winner of the event will as ever receive a nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards 2017, the biggest app awards on earth. With healthcare the focus each submitted app has had to display clear usage in the context of clinics, rehab hospitals, nursing homes and general patient care.

The ten finalists are as follows CatchMyPain, IntelliVue Mobile Caregiver, Aufklärung mobil mit E-ConsentPro, x.patient, Patient Journey App, Dermomedia, mRay, VisualDx, MyTherapy, CardioSecur ACTIVE.

No need to register through us as usual, entry to the event is available to all conhIT 16 ticket holders. Date/Time: Apr 20 14.00 – 15.30

iSignIT wins AppCircus on Health with MEDICA

The winner of AppCircus on Health with MEDICA, celebrated in Düsseldorf, was iSignIT, an innovative translation helper specifically aimed at patients who are deaf or hard of hearing that has the purpose of helping patients and medical personnel by simplifying communication, even if they are from different countries.

The app Help Talk, that helps to communicate in a traditional fashion (people with aphasia, tracheostomized, ventilated with endotracheal tube, etc.) to express their basic human needs, was the second classified. Aycan Mobile, used to display medical images for diagnosis from CT and MRI modalities only, won the third prize.

Many thanks to the jury onstage for their deliberations!


President, Messe Düssledorf North America


Mobile Strategy Consultant, MWC.mobi


Co-Founder Doctorali

Meet AppCircus on Health with MEDICA finalists!

We are pleased to anounce the finalists selected to compite at AppCircus On Health with MEDICA that will be held 22th of November in Düsseldorf, Germany, during MEDICA, the world‘s largest medical instrumentation trade fair.

André Sousa
Urs-Vito Albrecht
Urs-Vito Albrecht
Stephan Popp
Georgina Tremayne
David de Mena García
Fernando Dal Re
Roberto Marchesini
Leandro Barbosa
George Linzer

Look forward to meet you at the showcase!