¡Ven a la Barcelona Hack Session, crea tu equipo y desarrolla las apps de la Smart City!

Si te apetece transformar Barcelona, si tienes claro cómo debe ser una Smart City, si eres una mente inquieta y te gusta compartir tus ideas, no puedes faltar el día 18 de abril a la Barcelona Hack Session. El objetivo es que ciudadanos con ganas de cambiar las cosas, por un lado, y desarrolladores y creativos por otro, fusionen ideas con capacidad tecnológica para desarrollar aplicaciones móviles que hagan de Barcelona una ciudad inteligente pensada por y para sus ciudadanos.

Para inspirarte, hay cinco grandes áreas de trabajo:  transporte urbano, energía y sostenibilidad, cultura y turismo, comercio y compras y ciudad colaborativa.

Inscríbete gratis en la  Barcelona Hack Session y participa en el concurso internacional Smart City App Hack:

Esta hack session se celebrará en el Ateneo de Fabricación Digital de Les Corts a lo largo del día 18 de abril con una agenda que incluye la presentación de los recursos a los participantes, la formación de grupos, workshops y el registro de los proyectos para empezar a trabajar en ellos. La inscripción para participar ya está abierta, es gratuita y se puede hacer aquí.

Hack at Home y competición online

A partir de aquí comenzará el Hack at Home con la puesta en marcha de la plataforma para dar soporte online al proceso de desarrollo de apps, desde el concepto hasta la aplicación como producto final viable. En toda esta fase, el proceso estará abierto a nuevos creadores de apps que quieran sumarse. Una vez finalizado el Hack at Home, se desarrollará la competición online en la que las apps acabadas serán votadas por un jurado y el público.

Barcelona Smart City App Hack

En Barcelona, el Hack at Home culminará en una gran final en el mes de octubre a la que llegarán las 10 mejores apps de la ciudad que han participado en el concurso.

Gran final de la Smart City App Hack

Un mes más tarde, en el marco de la Smart City Expo 2015, se celebrará la gala final en la que competirán las 15 mejores apps a nivel internacional correspondientes a las ciudades que han participado en el concurso Smart City App Hack.

Si te apetece contribuir a hacer de Barcelona una Smart City, participar en un proyecto internacional, impulsado por el Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, y conseguir grandes premios ¡inscríbete GRATIS AQUÍ!

Fansino wins the Best App Award at the Mobile Premier Awards

The app Fansino has been chosen by the jury of the Mobile Premier Awards as the Best App Award in its 2015 edition. Besides Fansino, the other two award-winning tonight were GPSGAY and Mobile Triage. The first has won the Audience Award, given by the audience with their votes on Twitter, while the app Mobile Triage has won the Big Impact Award, which recognizes the application with greater impact on people lives.

Fansino, an app that gives artists the ability to monitor who is listening to their music in real-time has won the Best App Award at the Mobile Premier Awards (MPA) during a competition held this afternoon that has had the participation of 16 apps from around the world. This prize recognizes it as the Best App of the Year at the awards held each year in Barcelona during the first day of Mobile World Congress, an international top event in mobile apps industry.

The MPA 2015 jury decided to give the Best App Award to this application that comes from San Francisco. Fansino provides an artist the ability to communicate directly with his core fan base based on meaningful real-time data collected from fans streaming and/or listening to content in real-time. All fans need to do is listen to their favorite artist on any streaming network or mobile device – Fansino does the rest.

Moreover, the application GPSGAY (Uruguay), has won the Audience Award, the prize awarded by attendees with their votes via Twitter. GPSGAY is an online platform for the Latam gay community that offers social media features with gay friendly info. The platform combines features of some of the top web platforms on the internet such as Facebook, Foursquare, Amazon, Booking, Youtube and E-bay, specially developed to satisfy the GLBT community needs. It has a social network similar to Facebook and chatrooms and offer online hotels booking, with Expedia’s API. GPSGAY provide information of gay friendly places all over Latin America. The places are ranked and commented on by the users, providing valuable information for gay tourists.

The third winner was the app Mobile Triage (South Africa), which has won the Big Impact Award given by AppCircus team, organizer of the MPA, and that acknowledges the impact on people lives. The South African Triage Scale (SATS) is a triaging system used across South Africa and in 14 other countries in the developing world. It employs algorithms and mathematical scores to calculate illness levels. Mobile Triage is a very fast app that can save lives in Emergency Centres.

A galactic evening

The Mobile Premier Awards gathered in its ninth edition the most important companies of the mobile industry including developers, investors, universities, businesses and institutions. In total, about 1000 attendees have spent an exciting evening in which 16 participants developers have presented their app to the jury and was an act full of surprises and funny moments thanks to the galactic atmosphere chosen for this year awards.

The opening keynote conducted by Vincent Rosso, CEO and cofounder for Spain and Portugal of BlaBlaCar, called “How mobile increases The trust within a P2P community” was a conference where he explained how apps have changed the way we connect and has allowed P2P communities to grow further; the possibility to share resources, experiences etc., and to do it from anywhere with your mobile.

About the Mobile Premier Awards

The Mobile Premier Awards, considered the best mobile apps awards  have been held at the Sala Apolo in Barcelona during the first day of the Mobile World Congress. In its ninth edition has been sponsored by Intel, Amazon, Softonic, Estrella Damm and Engadget in Spanish.

This year, most participants were apps that provide solutions to certain professional sectors and that can be used for both leisure and economic purposes; there has also been apps involved in education and social matters; and applications that fits into the entertainment category.