Winner of AppCircus Online Competition -2nd week!-

Meet our second winner of the AppCircus Online Competition!

As you know, we have launched a weekly Online Competition: besides the classic on stage AppCircus showcase, now you can give to your app the visibility it needs by submitting it to our virtual contest. Then you just need to get as many votes as possible, you can even tell your pals to vote for your application. The app with more votes can make it to the Mobile Premier Awards!

Every week, the AppCircus community selects a winner by popular vote. We have integrated the voting process with Twitter to make it easier for you to share the message with your peers and get as many votes for your app as possible. How does it work? Easy: submit your app to the online competition and start voting!

Meet “Bear Care“, our latest winner!

Bear Care is an augmented reality action game, in which you have to protect your beloved helpless Teddy Bear.

You can also cuddle your bear to keep him happy.

The fun part is that it takes place in a real environment, which is blended with lively and playful 3D bears.

Remember you have a chance to win a Nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards, and that is quite priceless!

Everyone with an app can participate and if you don’t win this week, just submit again next week. Make sure all of your friends vote for your app from here!

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Winner of AppCircus in Moscow

We have another winner! AppCircus in Moscow was inspiring and dynamic, we hope to come back very soon!

AppCircus became a part of Mobile Developer Day Russia and the final part of its daily agenda. Mobile Developer Day Russia is a day in December when most of mobile developers gather in Moscow, discuss and share their experience. This year the event was represented by all major studios, companies and vendors.

CoinKeeper is the latest app with a nomination to pitch at the Mobile Premier Awards 2012 in Barcelona! Check this great app:

CoinKeeper helps managing personal finances like hundreds of other apps but makes it innovative and different. It’s visual and clear – all budgets (income & expenses) and current accounts are located on one screen, organized in beautiful trays. It’s easy to use and fun in the area which is the most boring for users – adding new transactions.

The second place (and definitely people’s choice) went to Baby DJ:

A group of authors with more than 20 years of experience in DJ-ing has created a unique application for DJ’s as young as 1 year old. Now every kid can easily become a king or queen of the dance floor all being made possible by this incredible application!

Thank you organizers, audience and all the developers who joined the best showcase of apps! It was the perfect excuse to bring together the regional mobile app ecosystem!

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Selected apps to pitch at AppCircus in Sao Paulo

AppCircus is coming to São Paulo on December 14th, at Microsoft Auditorium (Av Nações Unidas 12.901 – Centro de Convenções Nações Unidas (CENU) – Torre Norte 31º Andar – Brooklyn – São Paulo – SP), starting at 6:30pm, this time partnering with Innoveur.

The best showcase of apps is open to developers, platforms, media, investors and general audience to participate. AppCircus will give you the visibilty your app needs to succeed in the mobile tech ecosystem. Tell the world what’s your app about!

Amongst the 10 apps selected to pitch on stage, the winner will receive a nomination for the Mobile Premier Awards, to be held in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress 2012.

Meet the lucky apps!:

FourLater: Announce where your next checkin will be so your friends can join you, comment, and get notifications when it’s almost time to be there. Still only a functional prototype!
MeuCarrinho: MeuCarrinho is a grocery shopping assistant. It is the best way to manage your shopping lists and have them always in hand! A very well designed and intuitive tool which is available both for smartphones and for web.
Car Locator:
Where is your car now? Car Locator will help you! With the purpose of provide the best possible user experience with an intuitive interface, the Car Locator easily record position of the car, take a photo and maps the quickest route to get to the car.
O Mundo vs. Danilo Gentili: is a game first released for iPad, developed for the famous brazilian comedian Danilo Gentili, in one of his favorite styles: Tower Defense.
Go-Go-Goat! The Best Free Game: Hop your way to the top with the cutest, funniest and most addictive jumping game to ever hit the Android Market!
Gabaritar: Tool for Exams The world of exams requires students not only dedication. Discipline and the right strategies are essential to optimize the time devoted to study and improve the efficiency of learning.
The Incredible Circus: Blast through cannons on 32 levels as a bodysuited daredevil. Use elastic bands and trampolines to jump above obstacles or through fire rings, remembering to avoid falling and cracking your helmet.
Runaway Groom: Are you getting married, considering it, or know someone who is? Frightening isn’t it? Well, here’s your chance to try and escape the clutches of wedlock and pass the time while you have some second thoughts.
runens: Do you want to run a marathon for the first time, what should you do? Hiring a coach is the way to go, but you need to take the best out of this experience. We can help you out!
Thumba Photo Editor: Is the most complete editor for your photos in Windows Phone 7. It has more than 70 high-quality adjustments and effects, all very easy to use and can be applied many times you want in photos of any size.
SOS Life: Medical ID cards is a great and important way of making sure that a citizen has, in case of medical emergency, all his personal medical status, history and other valuable information available immediately at anytime and anywhere.
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Selected apps in AppCircus Lisbon

Meet the top selected apps that will present in AppCircus Lisbon. This special edition will take place on December 16th at Vodafone Portugal HeadquartersParque das Nações, and it’s powered by Vodafone App Factory and Nokia Developer.

But remember that if you are not part of the list you still have a great chance to be part of the AppCircus showcase.

We just launched the Online Competition, a contest where everyweek the AppCircus community votes for their favourite app.

Don’t miss the chance, tell your friends to help you gain a spot at the MPA by voting your app right now!

Congrats to all the selected developers!

Mechanical Pomodoro: The Amazing Mechanical Pomodoro is an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that helps you implement the Pomodoro Technique™ for increasing productivity.
Handout Wikipedia Mobile*Navigator: You won’y find an easier way to search, read and navigate through Wikipedia on your smartphone
HotZnow: HotZnow allows you to easily find your friends, fantastic places, great parties, special offers and lots of other benefits and prizes.
Portugal by: The vision of a country, the scenes, the environment and its culture seen by the eyes of selected photographers is the main subject of Portugalby, with selected information to improve your Portugal experience.
My Magic Songs: My Magic Songs is an interactive application for children with songs that sing their name and where they become the main characters of the games that accompany the songs.
Mobizy: Work from anywhere. Be productive on the go. MOBIZY powers today’s mobile enterprises with solutions for all kinds of businesses.
StringZ-HD: Z” is a curious single-toothed little blue alien that got trapped in a spacial wreck while exploring his galaxy. Now you have to guide him back to his spaceship by drawing the correct string on the screen.
Baby Feed – Baby Agenda: BabyFeed is an app for your smartphone that helps you, with keeping track of the daily activities of your babies, remembering the time to feed, when to give medicines or with keeping of baby measurement records.
Vizati: Vizati is a new and exciting puzzle game that will put your mind into test. Julie and Ben have discovered a strange and magical cube.
ITJobs WP7: Access all job offers, courses and event. Be notified of new offers!
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Jurado de AppCircus – AppCircus Academy Madrid

Te presentamos a los profesionales de la industria móvil que conformarán el jurado del concurso AppCircus en AppCircus Academy de Madrid el día 13 de diciembre.

Como ya sabes, dentro de la jornada AppCircus Academy en Madrid, hemos programado una edición del concurso itinerante de apps. A partir de las 12h30 podrás ver en el escenario de la Universidad Carlos lll de Madrid las 10 mejores apps seleccionadas. El ganador recibirá una nominación para presentar la suya en los Mobile Premier Awards de Barcelona durante el MWC!

Para venir como espectador sólo tienes que registrarte aquí, y además puedes registrarte para los workshops de tecnología móvil que más te gusten. Son gratis!

Aquí puedes conocer los miembros el jurado de AppCircus en AppCircus Academy – Madrid:

Hernán Alijo – Marketing & Community Manager Intel AppUp Developer Program en España y LAR. Anteriormente ha trabajado de Channel Manager en MSN Video Latino América, ha sido partner de Linx Comunicación y también proveedor de contenidos en Datapress Multimedia en ZDNet.

Oscar Gutiérrez – Responsable de desarrolladores, Iberia. Oscar tiene una larga trayectoria en la industria móvil con más de 8 años de experiencia. A día de hoy lidera en Nokia el contacto con desarrolladores en España y Portugal. Es responsable de la comunicación entre Nokia y los desarrolladores de aplicaciones móviles, y actúa como punto principal de contacto para todo tipo de empresas y desarrolladores independientes proporcionándoles soporte y visibilidad técnica sobre las plataformas que Nokia ofrece a los desarrolladores.

José Rodríguez Pérez – Ingeniero de Telecomunicación por la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, es actualmente Product Manager dentro de la plataforma de desarrolladores de BlueVia, responsable del API de micropagos. Durante los últimos 4 años ha trabajado en proyectos de desarrollo e innovación en Telefonica I+D, Telefonica S.A. y actualmente en Telefonica Digital.

Merijn de Boer – Editor en Softonic. Ha trabajado como tester de sofware, realizando revisiones a las nuevas releases y entre 2008 y 2010 ha escrito 2 libros, uno de ellos como colaborador con otro autor.

Isabel Gómez Miragaya – Isabel ha trabajado en Microsoft durante los últimos 12 años en varias áreas: soporte técnico, “evangelismo” tecnológico y consultora y responsable de desarrollo de negocio para fabricantes de Software. Actualmente es responsable del ecosistema de aplicaciones y juegos para Windows Phone en Microsoft Ibérica. Su labor consiste principalmente en asesorar y guiar a fabricantes de software en el desarrollo de aplicaciones y juegos para Windows Phone, y en crear y fomentar un ecosistema saludable y vibrante de desarrollo de aplicaciones y juegos para Windows Phone en España; definiendo programas de formación, ayudas y recursos, iniciativas diferentes de promoción de aplicaciones,etc…

Nos vemos el martes 13 de diciembre en AppCircus Academy!

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Jury of AppCircus in Milan

On December 20th AppCircus will land in Milan to meet the best 10 apps of region.

The deadline is still open, but in the meanwhile we will tell you who will we judging and selecting the best app!

Meet the jury of AppCircus in Milan:

Guiseppe Guerrasio (Microsoft): He works in the division & Developers Platform Architect Evangelist from Microsoft as he works to help customers and partners, and technology adoption in the Microsoft application development with particular reference to the Solution Architect of large Italian companies and major Italian Web Site.

Frangini Lucarini, is 34 years old and I am 10 service digital in innovative contexts: startup H3G Italy, Altran consultant, client director at H-art and I am currently in Italy Nokia ecosystem of applications and development Nokia Care services.

Max “iRev” Uggeri: His eclectic education has been guided by his visceral passions: information and hacking led him first to study Electronic Engineering at Milan Polytechnic, later to move along the East Coast as a guest of Media Lab, only to continue his career with Michael Porter at the Monitor Company, working on IT and Network Security. Currently own an ethic Venture Capital Fund in London, seeding initiatives related to the world of iOS Apps.

Claudio Moderini is an interaction design director and researcher, with a background in architecture and industrial design, founder and director of the Master Program in I-Design and director of the Interaction Design Department of Domus Academy, the international institute focused on innovation in design, based in Milan, Italy.

Remember you just have time until December 7th to submit your app to enter this competition…

So enter you app now before it’s too late!

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AppCircus Ljubljana Selected apps

Find out which are the 10 selected apps that will pitch at AppCircus Slovenia at the stage of Kiberpipa in Ljubljana.

Wondering if you can attend the show? Of course! And for free! You just need to join for free and click on “Register now to attend!” on top of this page. Don’t wait last minute – the event is likely to be filling up quickly! December 12th will be the special date, come join this amazing show!

Remember that amongst these 10 apps just one lucky finalist will get an opportunity to be nominated for the Mobile Premier Awards 2012, which are held during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

So, let’s find out!:

Spotie: Spotie is the world’s first location based social network for events which integrates all events, enables users to interact with events and other people before, during and after event, meet people on event, upload, share and tag event photos.
WhoNS: Check domain availability extremely fast for all domain extensions (TLD’s) you like and get all results dynamically at once. Tap on any already registered domain and check who’s the owner, when it expires and other useful data.
Ocenjevalec: Application Ocenjevalec let’s you share things you like or don’t like with other Ocenjevalec users. Find something you like (or don’t like) take picture of it and share it, or check what other users like and grade or comment it.
Razglednica: Take a photo, send it to the addressee and postcard arrives as printed customized postcard. Use Si.mobils postcard to send photos taken with mobile phone as a real postcard. Postcard will be printed and sent by regular mail to the addressee. is an application designed for all Si.mobil users who want to track information about their usage. The application shows usage, provides an information regarding nearest Si.mobil stores through advanced geo-browser, for those who go abroad, there are also prices for roaming service abroad.
Code name: Foodle: Foodle (code name) is a service and mobile application for finding nearby restaurants, review their offers, sharing pictures of what you get, notice to your friends, where you can meet.
WazappLondon: Wazapp brings you a selection of the best 9 events in London, presented with top quality content so you don’t lose time browsing and searching. It’s incredibly easy to navigate among hottest club events, great concerts, theatre, exhibition shows, and even the coolest lectures and workshops.
Monkey Labour: the robot is expected to mindlessly labor at his job deep inside the bowels of a corporate production facility while his monkey boss vents frustration by throwing obstacles Mobot’s way. Help Mobot stick it back to the system while avoiding being replaced by a cheaper model in this deliciously retro 80s style electronic handheld game rehash.
Twinoo: May the best brain hemisphere win! Logic and art come together in this simple and brilliant game. Get ready to teach your brain some new stuff! Join the 5 million players who already jumped aboard the Twinoo Brain Train!
But remember that if you are not part of the list you still have a great chance to be part of the AppCircus showcase.
We just launched the Online Competition, a contest where everyweek the AppCircus community votes for their favourite app.
Don’t miss the chance, tell your friends to help you gain a spot at the MPA by voting your app right now!

AppCircus Academy Madrid Selected Apps

It’s time to announce the selected apps that will pitch at AppCircus Academy in Madrid!

Just a week ahead of this special event and here’s who’s going to be on the stage at the Universidad Carlos lll de Madrid to present their app.

AppCircus Academy will combine an AppCircus showcase together with a range of free talks and workshops for mobile developers.
You can check the program in this here and get registered easily on the event page.
We have limited spots! Do it now before it’s too late.

Congratulations to all the selected developers!

iVuelos: Real-time information on flights worldwide. For travelers or if you expect someone at the airport, essential. Good looks, easy and fast handling.

UC3M Mapas: Our goal with this application is the location of classrooms, offices, places of interest and people within the different campuses that comprise the university. We work on indoor location and people, while ensuring accessibility and integration in different mobile platforms.
Wymob: The best way to move, optimize your time, be located all the time, keep in touch with your friends, report incidents… Anticipates jams, calculate your route, find your friends, tell your friends where you are exactly and much more…
Hazte con Madrid: This tool collects all the free options (or very cheap) of leisure, cultural and entertainment capital. The app also calculates and displays the path you must follow to reach them on foot or by car.

TestelDroid: TestelDroid is meant to be a tool for monitoring parameters and traffic in Android based devices, in order to characterize the behavior of cellular communications. The information retrieved can be logged and exported for further analysis with other tools, such as Wireshark.
Balanced Scorecard: The control of your Business in the Palm of your Hand, a complete Dashboard that lets you Monitor the Progress of your Business Strategy and Design your own Balanced Scorecard . You can Control the Success of your Strategy each month through the Measurement of most Important Indicators.
Travtant: Travel Assistant: This applications allows users to store the main locations (monuments, museums, hotels, restaurants,…) they want to see during their trip. It also allows users to mark the places they have visited and know the distance to the rest, so they can design their own itinerary.
Doolphy: Doolphy is your online project management tool that helps you to plan, check and control all your projects and tasks. Define your goals, collaborate, work with your team and track the progress of your projects.
Feebbo_ES: This app lets users win money participating in market research from companies. It´s a fast way to get answer from users that let companies get enough information to create goods, take decisions or promos as costumer wants.
Recetario: Over 2500 recipes available without being connected to the network to find one.You can search the recipes either by name or by the main ingredient, or just by browsing a list of very intuitive menus.
But remember that if you are not part of the list you still have a great chance to be part of the AppCircus showcase! We just launched the Online Competition, a contest where everyweek the AppCircus community votes for their favourite app. Don’t miss the chance.

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Jury AppCircus Santiago de Compostela

As you know by now, AppCircus will be in Santiago de Compostela on December 9th.

Are you willing to come to the event? You don’t need to be a developer, just and app lover! Attending is also free; you just need to register to the link to attendees sign up. Sign up now and make sure you get your seat. Places are limited!

We have already posted which are the top 10 selected apps, and now it’s time to let you know who will be judging the event.

Meet the professionals:

Alberto Ruibal is a Telecommunications engineer . He worked for many years as a J2EE developer and consultant for ERP. He   founded in 2010, a startup specialized in Android Apps, where he developed apps like Mobialia Chess, Internet Chess Club, Gas Stations and Spain. He also won the competition for Google Apps DevFest 2011.

Elena Pérez is the co-founder and CTO of Spartanbits, the company behind the success of Go! Chat for Facebook. This app has been downloaded 5 million times worldwide and translated into 9 languages. Currently it has more than one million regular users.

Miguel  Silva has a degree in Physics from the University of Santiago de Compostela. He worked during 11 years with Televés. As a fervent advocate of the entrepreneurial community of Galicia, is the co-founder and vice President of Blusens from 2002, and the President of the Spanish Business Council in UAE since 2005.

Nacho Sánchez is co-founder and CEO of InQBarna, a company specialized in the development of multimedia mobile apps. From rocky beginnings in a garage in Mataró until you get to play a game for Barça, Nacho will tell us the difficulties and challenges encountered along the way, and the rewards of being an entrepreneur and not die in the attempt.

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First Online Competition Winner App

We have the first Online Competition winner app!

This has been the first weekly AppCircus online Competition: besides the classic on stage AppCircus showcase, now you can give to your app the visibility it needs by submitting it to our online contest. Then, get as many votes as possible, you can even tell your pals to vote for your application and make it to the Mobile Premier Awards!

Every week, the AppCircus community selects a winner by popular vote. We have integrated with Twitter to make it easier for you to share with your peers and get as many votes for your app as possible! How does it work? Easy: submit your app to the online competition and start voting!

Check out what’s “Food 2 u” about, our winner app can be very useful!

Food2u is a totally free app allowing you to order delivery food with greater ease, speed and convenience. With only 3 clicks you can choose your menu and where you want to enjoy it without making any call, reducing the waiting time, facilitating the selection and processing the order with no additional cost. Food2u works with the best take away restaurants (food to be collected or delivered) from each city to ensure the best service for the customer and the restaurant.

Remember you have a chance to win a Nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards.

Everyone with an app can participate and if you don’t win this week, just submit again next week. Make sure all of your friends vote for your app from here!

The best of the luck!