Our first Silicon Valley winner – WordLens.

We can only give a huge THANK YOU! To all of you who showed up for AppCircus in Palo Alto, we saw some great pitch’s from mobile developers from Silicon Valley and beyond (coming from France). The crowd at Telco 2.0 was really curious to know what kind of apps where going to be showcased at AppCircus.

And the App artists did not disappoint, we saw interesting and hilarious presentations being thrown on stage. We promise to bring a hoop and some more fire for next time, if the organizers permit maybe a Lion or two (just kidding), this would not have been possible with out the great hosts from STL Partners.

The judges decided on:

Word Lens is the winner at AppCircus in Palo Alto

The apps that did not win on this first edition of AppCircus in Palo Alto should get a mention for being on stage and making the effort. There would not be a showcasewithout them. In no particular order these are the rest of the mobile applications:

One app that deserves a special mention is complainApp which won the Audience Award. Congratulations on a really funny presentation which entertained the crowd at AppCircus.

Thanks to all the apps for being at our inaugural event in Silicon Valley for 2011! Looking forward to see you in San Francisco in two weeks at AppNation. A big thank you to Telco 2.0 for supporting all these App Artists.

If you missed the chance to be part of AppCircus in Palo Alto, you can have a look and see a list of confirmed events from around the globe.

We also would like to thank our Sponsors for supporting this event and more to come from AppCircus.

Coming AppCircus events.

If you are a mobile developer, Startup or company and would like to be part of AppCircus, please sign up to our global platform and hope to see you at a nearby event. For event organizers, if you are interested in hosting an AppCircus in your city, please contact us.

See you all at an AppCircus near you! Remember to follow us on twitter @AppCircus.

AppCircus Palo Alto Jury

We’re excited to have some of the most knowledgeable and experienced guys in mobile on our jury panel for the AppCircus in Palo Alto on Wednesday, April 6th at 6pm. at the Telco 2.0 conference.

The apps to present at this event have been announced in this post. The event is FREE to attend, however you need to register. Please register here.

The jury to select the winner includes:

Lisa Whelan – Managing Consultant at Social Mobilize.

Neil Mansilla – Developer Advocate at Mashery API Network.

Mike Rowehl – partner at Churn Labs.

Aaron Masih – Director of Global Business Development Mobile at Nuance.

Jesse Silver – Senior Account Executive, Enterprise & Strategic Accounts at OpenMarket.

Here below the jury member  bio’s:

Lisa Whelan – Managing Consultant at Socialize Mobilize
Lisa provides global strategy, business development, marketing, and developer relations expertise to clients including: Photobucket, Face.com, Motorola, Palm, Inc., Kodak, ShoZu Inc., Offbeat Guides, Hands-On Mobile, SocialMedia Networks, Chomp, and others. Previously, Lisa worked for PA Consulting Group in London, engaging European clients on strategy, business and technology integration projects and Nokia Inc. in Silicon Valley.  Lisa writes about trends in social media and mobile convergence on the SocializeMobilize blog and Twitter.  Lisa holds a MSc from the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford and a BA from Boston College.

Neil Mansilla, Developer Advocate at Mashery API Network
Neil is a geek. He builds mobile and web applications from nothing but the skillz from his Jedi training, a box of paper clips, and his own bare hands. Don’t make him go command line. You can follow him @mansillaDEV on Twitter.

Mike Rowehl- partner at Churn Labs
Mike (@miker) is a hacker and entrepreneur.He’s spent the last 10 years specializing in mobile products and services at AdMob, Mowser, Skyfire, and Chomp. In 2004 he started the Mobile Monday Silicon Valley meetings, and is one of the organizers who put together the Mobile 2.0 conference series. Currently he’s a partner at Churn Labs, an engineering led organization aimed at exploring new directions for mobile development.

Aaron Masih – Director of Global Business Development Mobile at Nuance
Aaron Masih leads business development efforts worldwide for Nuance’s Mobile connected solutions, including the Nuance Mobile Developer Program (“NMDP”). During his tenure, he has been responsible for creating broad-reaching solution strategies around customer care using Nuance’s hosted services. His primary focus is identifying opportunities for integrating voice recognition technologies into both existing and emerging mobile applications. Masih received his Masters of Business Administration in Finance at Georgia State University in 1997, and hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Clemson University.

Jesse Silver – Senior Account Executive, Enterprise & Strategic Accounts at OpenMarket
OpenMarket exposes high-value enablers to application developers, thus driving innovation in the mobile ecosystem and facilitating valuable services to mobile consumers. OpenMarket allows developers to build innovative applications and monetize them by leveraging payments, location and messaging capabilities via the highly scalable and available OpenMarket mobile transaction network. For more information, please visit www.openmarket.com or contact us at +1.877.277.208.

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Apps pitching in Silicon Valley – Palo Alto.

After some time off our road trip to Southern Mexico, we are heading up north to Silicon Valley to setup the mobile showcase at the Telco 2.0 conference in Palo Alto on April 6th. AppCircus is excited coming to the Valley!

We got an impressive list of mobile applications to pitch at AppCircus in Palo Alto. If you want to attend the event to witness the presentations from developers from all over the world (we got 2 French apps selected), make sure to RSVP here, make sure to register at AppCircus first which is FREE.

So make sure to check out the Mobile apps selected:

Thrutu. A mobile applicaton that enables rich content around a voice conversation in your smart phone.

AppGeyser. Create a mobile Android application in just a few steps.

vecTray. A multiplayer game for iPhone using match making functions to enable interaction between the players.

complainApp. A mobile application that lets you submit complaints instantly to any business, also helps find people with similar complaints.

Touchnoc. An application that enables remote server management for sysadmins with an iPhone. It is also available as an HTML5 mobile application.

iBuildApp. A content management system for mobile application publishing.

AetherPal. An application that enables customer care support for smartphone devices, can manage and control a remote device to troubleshoot any problems.

GreatestRoad. A crowd sourcing application for motorcycle users, that identifies the best roads based on recommendations.

Location of AppCircus in Palo Alto.

The guys from STL Partners have done a spectacular job in bringing local mobile applications to pitch at New Digital Economics Executive Brainstorm & Developer Forum. The winning app will be selected by the jury during the networking part after the app pithces. So don’t miss this one!

Venue: Crowne Plaza Palo Alto, check out the map of the venue. Map

Date: April 6th 2011.

Time: from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.


6pm: Welcome and introductions
6.15pm: First Act – Leading Platforms present
6.45pm: 2nd Act – 10 Apps present with jury feedback
8.00pm: Thanks and jury deliberation
8.05pm: Networking, Voting and Winner announcement
9.30pm: Close

Submit your applications for the next APPCircus.

Applications for this Silicon Valley event are closed but you can apply to pitch at another AppCircus event, it is FREE. So apply now, sign up to appcircus.com, create an app profile and register to the event you’d like to pitch at.

Our next events are:.

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Announcing the 1st AppCircus HTML5 competition

In 2011 we are being part of many influential conferences in the world, in February we where part of the Mobile World Congress with Spotlight on BlackBerry and we just finished the AppCircus @ SXSW and are packing our bags and tent to to hit Palo Alto for the Telco 2.0 conference on April 6th.

We are collaborating with the folks from Zeewe to offer you the first HTML5 Web App competition.

The contest will have the following structure:

  • All Apps must be submitted by March 28th.
  • The deadline to confirm your available to pitch is April 1st.
  • The selection will be done by an online Jury which will decide who gets to pitch and the audience will vote at the event to select the winner.
  • The winner app will be announced during the evening of AppCircus in Palo Alto, April 6th.
  • The winner will be pitching at the event
  • The winner app will Win $2000 cash prize if the HTML5 app is available in the Zeewe marketplace or $1000 if the HTML5 app is not on Zeewe.

IMPORTANT: All apps must be written in Mobile HTML5 , and run on iPhones and/or Android phone. The participating apps will have to pay accommodation and their flight or transportation.

SUBMIT your HTML5 app here to this competition.

AppCircus in Palo Alto agenda.

Click here for more information on this event.

6:00 pm: Welcome and introductions
6:15 pm: First Act – Leading Platforms present
7:15 pm: 2nd Act – 10 Apps present with jury feedback
8:15 pm: Thanks and audience voting instructions
8:30 pm: Networking, Voting and Winner announcement
9:30 pm: Close

Venue Information.

The mobile showcase will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Palo Alto; 4290 EL CAMINO REAL

Doors will open from 6:00 pm and the showcase will end around 9:00 pm, make sure to come prepare for some great networking since the whole telecommunications industry will be in Palo Alto all week.

We are looking forward to seeing all the developers and Startups at Telco 2.0, some familiar faces and some new on the scene. Palo Alto has always been a place for mobile, so what better way to launch your HTML5 web App at AppCircus.

So get ready for another a great mobile showcase. Follow us on Twitter @AppCircus and the hashtag #appcircus