Bluevia partners with AppCircus to help developers monetize their apps

We have been looking into the Bluevia platform since the Mobile World Congress in February, they managed to provide an insight during the Mobile Premier Awards and brought in a couple of apps using their platform to the event.

It is a great opportunity for mobile developers to find out more about how mobile applications have been using the Bluevia platform to monetize their apps. But most of all to leverage Telefonica’s clients to help them grow their customer base.

We will be showcasing a couple of case studies from Bluevia, so we can understand their platform. The reason for this is that Bluevia will be on board the AppCircus mobile showcase tour in Europe and Latin America.

That is why we need to inform our fellow App Artists and future participants about real developers that are leveraging the Bluevia platform, they are reaching out to the community with clear goals to setup a monetization road map.

OTTER app from Seattle.

This is a clear example on how a problem or in this case a “tragedy” helped spark the interest in a developer to solve a huge problem, “texting while driving”; his daughter almost lost her life by it. So Erik Wood built the One Touch Text Response, which disables some functionality from a smarthphone ounce a car reaches more than 10 miles per hour, so a person is not enticed to answer those incoming distractions.

More case studies will be shared during the next couple of weeks, so you can understand the potential of the Bluevia platform, it is our effort to put developers in touch with opportunities to create the next great app coming from any part of the world. If you are interested in using the Bluevia platform, make sure to send us an email to info [at] appcircus [dot] com, so we can get you an invitation and start leveraging it.

Coming AppCircus events.

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