AppCircus Barcelona 2016 is underway!


On June 30th, the mobile capital Barcelona will hold an event that will bring together the most innovative developers and trendsetters within the Catalan capital of apps.

AppCircus Barcelona will be held at Antiga Fabrica Damm and any company, startup or developer with a mobile app that wants to be part of the event can participate. There are no restrictions on theme and the event is open to apps designed for any sector – the only limitation is the imagination of the coders and developers themselves!

Registration is free and easy to enter, just click on this link and follow the steps. The deadline for submitting apps will be June 12.

A jury of online experts will choose 10 finalists by mid June, these 10 will then be giving the chance to pitch their app on the big night. They’ll just have 180 seconds to highlight the most relevant aspects of their product and convince an onstage jury of industry professionals why their app is the best.

If you haven’t participated before now is the time to revel in the thrill of live competition. After the event there will be time for networking amongst key industry leaders while drinking a beer in the fantastic scenery offered by Antiga Fabrica Damm.

What can you win?

The winning app will be nominated for the Mobile Premier Awards 2017, the biggest (and most fun) app show on earth which takes place on the first night of the Mobile World Congress.


Click on “Submit your app” and register. And remember that it’s free!

Good luck!

The Mobile Premier Awards pitch videos are online!

It’s been a while since we talked about the Mobile Premier Awards, but we’re back with some great news.

For each application who made it to the finals, we made a 6 to 7 min. video. In each video you can see live footage of the pitch and the Q&A round with the Jury. It’s the perfect way to get to know more about each application, its stats and figures, the people behind it and their motivation.

We made a special MPA2014 compilation playlist for you, so sit back, grab a nice drink/snack and enjoy all the app-developer’s performances on stage!

Join the Cairo Transport App Challenge to Solve the City's Transport Chaos!

Register today for the Cairo Transport AppChallenge

App developers: we need you to help us solve Cairo’s transport chaos

20 million people, 14 million cars on the road every day… a growing city on the edge of transport collapse. How can your app help? That’s where our challenge begins!

The World Bank is collaborating with Google Developer Group (GDG) Cairo and AppCircus to launch the Cairo Transport AppChallenge. How can we use mobile technology to improve transport in Cairo, make it less congested and safer for drivers, passengers and users of public transport.

That’s our challenge.

Now it’s up to you, if you are a freelance app developer, app development company or you just have a great idea and a dream to become one of the above, this could be your chance to turn your ideas for great apps into reality.

One of the main aspects of the Cairo Transport AppChallenge is the first [email protected], powered by AppCircus: a hands-on, ongoing project where developers, designers, businesses and creative people, come together to create innovative apps that provide the answers to everyday problems.

Taking part in the challenge will give you the chance to get expert help to build your app from our online mentors, form a team by connecting with like-minded designers, developers and programmers and make a real impact in the daily lives of millions of people.

Get involved! Start taking part now!

How does it work?

  • The Cairo Transport AppChallenge is open to all app creators: developers, marketeers or users with ideas.
  • The first step is to register for the challenge and start building your team. This is where [email protected] will help you to make and manage those contacts.
  • Now it’s time to get the briefing, understand the problem and start applying your creativity to find the solution.
  • [email protected] has begun! Now you’ve got the chance to use our online mentors to make your app a reality.
  • If you already have an app that you think fits the bill, you can submit it for consideration before the final deadline.
  • Our team of experts, along with the online community, will choose the top 10 transportation apps to participate in our grand final in Cairo on December 15.
  • Along with a cash prize, the winners will get the chance to present their app at the Mobile Premier Awards, which coincide with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2013!

Why do we need you?

Cairo is in transformation: at the forefront of the biggest social changes in the region, it’s a city in constant evolution. Cairo has inspired us and helped us to see that when people come together they can actually change things for the better. Now it’s time for us to try and give something back. Lets help Cairo run more smoothly.

Traffic congestion is a serious problem in the Cairo metropolitan area with substantial adverse effects on personal travel time, vehicle operating costs, air quality, public health and business operations.

We think that Mobile technology could provide the answer to some of the biggest challenges faced by Cairo’s commuters:

  • Lack of awareness of driving regulations and safety on the road.
  • Lack of information about private and public transport in Cairo.
  • The need to improve the quality of public transport by integrating new technologies.
  • Finding ways to improve security and minimize harassment of women traveling on public transport.
  • Improving mobility for people with physical challenges.
  • Finding ways to control traffic infractions and identify dangerous driving.

These are just some of the ways mobile technology could improve transportation in Cairo.  Now it’s up to you.

Get involved! Go to Cairo Transport AppChallenge today and start turning your app into a reality.

The Cairo Transport AppChallenge is sponsored by Google and Orange and supported by the World Bank, AppCircus, Google Developer Group (GDG) Cairo, Egyptian Ministry of CIT, TIEC, ITIDA, Egyptian Ministry of Transport, Green Arm, AYB, Arabnet and Wamda.

About [email protected]

[email protected] has been created with the purpose of asking app creators to come up with ideas for specific challenges to improve our daily lives. Working with NGOs, governmental institutions and businesses, [email protected] is an innovative new platform that brings together app creators and app experts and gives them a series of online tools to allow them to collaborate more fluidly. [email protected] is all about creating Apps for Life.

About AppCircus

AppCircus is the world’s largest travelling competition for applications. The event serves as a showcase for new app developers to premier their latest creations in front of mobile industry experts, angel investors and other developers. Since it began in 2010 there has been over 100 AppCircus events around the world in over 30 countries, with over 2,500 apps submitted.

About the World Bank

The World Bank is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. It is a unique partnership to reduce poverty and support development, comprising two institutions managed by 188 member countries: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association(IDA). The IBRD aims to reduce poverty in middle-income and creditworthy poorer countries, while IDA focuses exclusively on the world’s poorest countries. These institutions are part of a larger body known as the World Bank Group.

About the GDG Cairo

GDG Cairo [Google Developer Group – Cairo] is one of the biggest technical communities in Egypt, organizing some interesting conferences, competitions, and many other creative activities. It is a technical user group for people who are interested in Google’s developer technology; everything from the Android and App Engine platforms, to product APIs like the YouTube API and the Google Calendar API, to initiatives like OpenSocial. Volunteers, experts in many fields, manage the group, which is always open to accept new volunteers interested in being part of the organizational team.

Winner [email protected] Circus Mashimus

And the winner of the [email protected] Circus Mashimus is:

[drum roll…]

TapCity 2


TapCity 2 is a multiplayer city-building game with a real-world twist. TapCity 2 is now in the pool of apps that compete to get a slot on stage during the Mobile Premier Awards 2013 in Barcelona – CONGRATULATIONS!


The Social Radio

The Social Radio

The Social Radio converts your Twitter stream into a human-friendly audio experience. As the runner up , The Social Radio gets a chance to again present at another AppCircus this year.

Wow! What a show! Just as last year, we had a blast at SXSW collaborating again with our friends from the Mashery. Thanks to all participating apps that helped to make this a great showcase of app innovation! We are looking forward to next year in Austin! 😉

Winner of AppCircus in Sao Paulo

Meet now the latest AppCircus winner, Incredible Circus an app made in Brasil!

On Wednesday December 14th we stopped in Sao Paulo to portrait the local ecosystem of apps.

Incredible Circus is a blast through cannons on 32 levels as a bodysuited daredevil. Use elastic bands and trampolines to jump above obstacles or through fire rings, remembering to avoid falling and cracking your helmet!

This lucky winner the winner has received a nomination for the Mobile Premier Awards, to be held in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress 2012.

The runner-up is Thumba Photo!

Thumba Photo Editor comes with more than 70 high-quality adjustments and effects, all very easy to use and can be applied many times you want in photos of any size. Zoom and comparison with the original photo tools are easily accessible.

We’d like to thank all the participants, jury members, local organizers and audience who came to join the best showcase of apps!

And of course, thanks to the sponsors who supported this special event.

And our Media Partner: 

Thank you all, we hope to see you again very soon!

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AppCircus Academy in Madrid winner

Yesterday it was a very special day for all of us: we celebrated the first AppCircus Academy in Madrid, held at the Universidad Carlos lll de Madrid.

Half intensive day of presentations, workshops and the AppCircus Competition!

The winner of the best aplication showcase was the app Feebbo:

This app lets users win money participating in market research from companies. It´s a fast way to get answer from users that let companies get enough information to create goods, take decisions or promos as costumer wants.

They have won a nomination to pitch their app at the Mobile Premier Awards held in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress and thanks to Nokia, the latest Nokia Lumia Smartphone. Congratulations!

We had also a special mention to Wymob, the second best app of the event:

Wymob is the best way to move, optimize your time, be located all the time, keep in touch with your friends, report incidents… Anticipates jams, calculate your route, find your friends, tell your friends where you are exactly and much more..

Nokia also offered to this amazing app a new smartphone!

We want to thank all the participants, jury members, audience and contestants who were part of this show!

Also a big “thank you” to the sponsors who helped making this special event becoming a reality, to our coolest moderator and the organizers and the Universidad Carlos lll de Madrid for embracing the project!

We really hope to see you soon!

AppCircus Academy has the support of:

NokiaBlueviaIntel AppUp


Jury members of AppCircus in Sao Paulo

Meet the professionals that will compose the jury of AppCircus in Sao Paulo!

Remember that AppCircus is coming to Brasil on December 14th at Microsoft Auditorium.

Jose Lecy Costa – New Technologies and Innovation Senior Manager in Telefonica | Vivo

Marcos Bonas Simoes Mathias – New Technologies and Innovation Consultant in Telefonica | Vivo

Silvia Valadares – Startup Community Lead at Microsoft Brazil.

Vanessa Calil – Developer Marketing Manager for Latin America at Nokia.

José Luciano do Vale – Director of Business Development and Lead of the Qualcomm Internet Services Division in the Southern Cone.

Bob Wollheim – Entrepreneur, CEO of and Venture Corp at Endeavor.

Renato Arradi – Senior Product Marketing Manager at Motorola Brazil.

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Winner of AppCircus Online Competition -2nd week!-

Meet our second winner of the AppCircus Online Competition!

As you know, we have launched a weekly Online Competition: besides the classic on stage AppCircus showcase, now you can give to your app the visibility it needs by submitting it to our virtual contest. Then you just need to get as many votes as possible, you can even tell your pals to vote for your application. The app with more votes can make it to the Mobile Premier Awards!

Every week, the AppCircus community selects a winner by popular vote. We have integrated the voting process with Twitter to make it easier for you to share the message with your peers and get as many votes for your app as possible. How does it work? Easy: submit your app to the online competition and start voting!

Meet “Bear Care“, our latest winner!

Bear Care is an augmented reality action game, in which you have to protect your beloved helpless Teddy Bear.

You can also cuddle your bear to keep him happy.

The fun part is that it takes place in a real environment, which is blended with lively and playful 3D bears.

Remember you have a chance to win a Nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards, and that is quite priceless!

Everyone with an app can participate and if you don’t win this week, just submit again next week. Make sure all of your friends vote for your app from here!

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Winner of AppCircus in Moscow

We have another winner! AppCircus in Moscow was inspiring and dynamic, we hope to come back very soon!

AppCircus became a part of Mobile Developer Day Russia and the final part of its daily agenda. Mobile Developer Day Russia is a day in December when most of mobile developers gather in Moscow, discuss and share their experience. This year the event was represented by all major studios, companies and vendors.

CoinKeeper is the latest app with a nomination to pitch at the Mobile Premier Awards 2012 in Barcelona! Check this great app:

CoinKeeper helps managing personal finances like hundreds of other apps but makes it innovative and different. It’s visual and clear – all budgets (income & expenses) and current accounts are located on one screen, organized in beautiful trays. It’s easy to use and fun in the area which is the most boring for users – adding new transactions.

The second place (and definitely people’s choice) went to Baby DJ:

A group of authors with more than 20 years of experience in DJ-ing has created a unique application for DJ’s as young as 1 year old. Now every kid can easily become a king or queen of the dance floor all being made possible by this incredible application!

Thank you organizers, audience and all the developers who joined the best showcase of apps! It was the perfect excuse to bring together the regional mobile app ecosystem!

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