129 aplicaciones responden a la llamada de nuestro ‘Summer of Apps’ en San Francisco!

Entre el 21 y el 31 de agosto hemos celebrado el ‘Summer of Apps’ (SOA), cuatro grandes eventos dedicados a la búsqueda de las mejores aplicaciones móviles en cuatro categorías: Comida & Bebida, Negocios & Trabajo, Música y Deportes & Fitness, que hemos promovido desde Appcircus en colaboración con  Google.

Las cifras que arroja esta primera edición del SOA demuestran el éxito de la llamada: 129 desarrolladores presentados, 35 finalistas seleccionados, más de 900 asistentes y 25 expertos, tanto de cada área como del sector tecnológico, encargados de evaluar las app y seleccionar a los ganadores.

En juego estaba el prestigio de triunfar en el gran centro tecnológico mundial que es la Bahía de San Francisco, un pase directo a la final de los Mobile Premier Awards, los premios del sector Mobile de referencia durante el Mobile World Congress que organiza Appcircus desde hace 9 años, y la posibilidad de conseguir un billete de avión pagado a Barcelona y un pase para el Mobile World Congress 2016, cortesía de Intel® Software.

Las apps ganadoras

El ‘Summer of Apps’ se ha dividido en cuatro eventos temáticos celebrados entre el 21 y 31 de agosto. En el primero, dedicado a Comida & Bebida y celebrado el día 21, resultó ganadora la app Munchery, un servicio de entrega de comida de calidad que permite a los usuarios pedir platos preparados a cocineros profesionales.

El día 25 tuvo lugar el ‘Summer of Apps’ dedicado a Negocios & Trabajo. El ganador fue App in the Air, un asistente de vuelo personal que mantiene al usuario al día de los detalles de su vuelo en tiempo real, consejos de los aeropuertos etc.

El evento dedicado a la temática Música se celebró el día 28 y lo ganó Imagine Music, una aplicación para hacer música con el movimiento del cuerpo, desarrollada por Ahmed Abdelwaheb, un joven de 18 años que llegó expresamente de Túnez para presentar su app.

Y el 31 de agosto fue el último evento, dedicado a Deportes & Fitness, en el que ganó goFlow Sports, una app para encontrar los mejores lugares donde practicar el deporte favorito de cada uno al aire libre. Además, se pueden compartir fotos y mensajes.

“Hi, I am Ahmed, I am 18 years old, I come from Tunisia and this is my app”

Interview with Ahmed Limame, one of the Imagine Music app creators. Imagine Music was the winner app of the Summer of Apps on Music held on August 25 at Google Offices SF. Here is his inspiring story of success:

1. Appcircus: “Hi, I am Ahmed, I am 18 years old, I came from Tunisia and this is my app.” This is how you started your presentation at the Summer of Apps in Googles office in San Francisco. Can you tell us a bit how you prepared for it?

Ahmed Limane: I really didn’t have enough time to prepare for what I was going to say in my pitch and in particular what to start with. I didn’t want to be confusing though and  so I thought of starting with a brief introduction of myself and it was a pure improvisation.

2. AC: Appcircus competitions are not easy to win. There is a tough selection process and fierce competition. What inspired a young 18year old to catch a plane from Tunisia and travel to San Francisco to compete?

AL: I believe that the competition was hard, there were apps with over a million users. Yet I vied for it and I had the honour to compete with them on stage. However this is only what can be seen from the outside. From my position the challenge was even harder: about five days before the competition I got the official invitation from Google and I didn’t have neither the VISA nor enough money to cover my travel expenses. In that very limited period of time I managed to get the help of many people including governors and businessmen to look for me an exception of an urgent Visa interview at the US-Embassy in Tunisia and pay for my airfare and accommodation. I explained for every one of them the precious chance that I had to represent my nation at the GoogleHQ in SF. Finally, among all the sent emails I had one unique response, few days after I had my interview, in two days the US-Embassy gave me a ten years of VISA. I was so happy and confused about the aircraft, but the chance doesn’t betray me I was lucky again to catch the last seat to San Francisco on thesame day. Indeed, the challenge was the only thing that kept me pushing not for the sake of winning but for being be proud of who I’m and what I’m capableof doing.

3. AC: Can you explain us how does Imagine Music work?

AL: Sure, Imagine Music is a mobile phone app that challenges the users to create their own music out of their body movements. But despite the old appmethods of music performing. ex: Piano, Guitar.. where you have to hit on the screen to make noise. Imagine Music requires the gestures of your hand, wheneach time you move and burn calories, the app simultaneously determines your phone’s position and angular orientation using the data from the motiontracking sensors (Gyroscope & Accelerometer) and return back beats and audio effects suitable with the movement

4. AC: Ahmed, on top of winning the Music SOA we heard you were able to visit Google San Francisco, Mountain View and Stanford,can you tell us about that experience?

AL: It’s true that it’s been so much exciting because it was my first time ever in the States and I had to learn how the world is going there in order to fit inwith the place. And I was blessed to meet these very kind people at Google, they made every day of my stay beautiful. During which I’ve been all around thebay area. I had a tour at Google HQ in Mountain View, I’ve been in Stanford and in UC Berkeley. I had also a chance to go to Facebook in Palo Alto andexperience the new generation of the Oculus. Rather than the FUN of visiting beautiful places, trying different food and getting to know hospitable people.

5. AC: How did winning impact your life personally? How is it helping your app?

AL: From my perspective it meant a lot, I was deeply amazed and honored by getting my app considered by the experts from Pandora, Twitter, GoogleCloud, Google Music and Intel. I wouldn’t wish for better… They pushed me a step forward in my career toward becoming a computer engineer. As forImagine Music which is not on the mobile store yet, I could anticipate that people have already liked it. And that’s what matter for a developer, get the users’good feedbacks in order to maintain the supplying demand on the app.

6. AC: How did the Tunisian Community and your colleagues in the Mobile Sector receive your winning?

AL: Well, I’m sad to say that regardless to my family and a few of my friends at school, no one has appreciated my job. During my stay in the states Iremember one Googler who has told me, we are proud of you, even if people back in your country doesn’t appreciate that, we still do! Because we know howhard is to win here. At the end, I have honored my country, I let many people know about Tunisia and that it has potential on its youth, and I’m proud ofthat.

7. AC: Now, What are your next steps?

AL: Next step is Barcelona! Concerning the Imagine Music, there is still a lot to do for the Mobile Premier Award 2016. As for me, my big next step is to goto a good University to study Computer Sciences which is another main challenge in my life. I’ve dreamt a lot to get a scholarship and study in the UnitedStates, this year I’m senior in Highschool, I have to keep the hard work and expect for the best results.

8. AC: Let’s talk more about Imagine Music, how did you come up with the idea and how was the process of developing the apparchitecture?

AL: Sure, Imagine Music has also its story. We’ve been the four of us Ahmed, Malak, Haythem and Sarah, all classmates, setting our plans for a work project. Wefirst started by discussing our daily life problems. Malak was learning to do Guitar, she said that it’s a hard deal to learn guitar to perform music then shesuggested an app that simulates the Guitar and help you make music. Meanwhile, I was working on VR- Virtual Reality on Mobile. So I was familiar with themotion tracking sensors in-phones. There came the idea of merging both the experience of making music and the phone’s sensors in one algorithm. WhichI’ve developed myself, that converts the phone motions into beats!

9. AC: Did you know about the AppCircus showcase? What has it meant for the Imagine Music team to win this competition?

AL: Basically, I didn’t know about the AppCircus before. Yet I’m the kind of guy who likes to look for new opportunities in the world. It was on the Opportunitydesk.org platform that I’ve had the chance to learn of you, especially your music contest. So I went for it, I submitted the app, and I made it! My co-partners were very glad to know about that. Especially after winning the contest and knowing that we’re going to present in Barcelona! In that early age and with such achievements, it really meant the world for us.

10. AC: You have a direct slot for the Mobile Premier Awards 2016, held during the Mobile World Congress. There you’ll pitch and compete with the best apps worldwide. How are you going to prepare for this event?  What does it mean for the team of Imagine Music to be there?

AL: We believe that one like these challenges are such an opportunity in our life career as young developers to show the world our skills and compete hard to honor once again our country, that’s why we are setting some large plans to get the app ready and published on the store before February 2016. There is going to be a lot of hard work paralleled with studying, but we are keeping the focus in order not to lose our spot. We’re going to do our best and hope for the best as well. The judges in the Summer of App believed in what we’ve done, which have strengthened our confidence and our determination to make some good records there in the Mobile Premier Award!

Imagine Music Team in their own words:

“Basically we are all aged 18. The three of us: Ahmed, Sarah, Haythem are studying Technology for our senior year. Malak is studying Biology for her Senior year too. All together, we live in small city in the southern Tunisia, it is Gabes. And we study in the Pioneer High School of the state, dedicated for only brilliant pupils.

I guess our interests varies, as for me. I’ve first written my first line of code 3 years ago, and since then I’ve been developing many good apps and games on smart phones, with which I used to win in several contests. I’m saying that Computer Sciences is my thing and “challenge” is my lifestyle. And this year I hope to get a scholarship in order to access to a good University abroad. I want to learn how to go professional so I can get a job and continue what I meant to be doing.

Haythem shares the same ambition as I do, he’s at the first place a 3D designer and does a lot of Image and Video editing. I used to see Haythem as a very ambitious guy, a collaborative teammate and a very smart one. I really like to work with him because he understands me fast. And together we can build extraordinary things. Maybe one day we’ll run the same company!

The girls are the other large half of the group, even though they’re not naturally born coders or designers, but they’re still there consulting, giving ideas and feedbacks to push and keep the work going! Malak’s dream is being a doctor, If you ask me, I’d say Doctors need to be like Malak. She’s got the real talent to public speak and convince with her ideas. She’s smart, energetic and a good model of hard working girl. Sarah’s dream is to become an engineer, She’s very dynamic and special!

I want also to mention Ahmed Baratli a Student at ESSAT University in Gabes, who was our Mentor in many steps of this project. Always up with his lavish admonitions of presentation skills. We learnt a lot from him and his experience in the field”. (AHMED LIMANE)

Summer of Apps, a huge success!!!

The Summer of Apps Festival ended last week and was a great success for attendees and participants.

4 events focused on finding the best apps in the following categories: Eating and Drinking (21/08), Business and Work (25/08), Music (28/08) and Sports & Fitness (31/08).

Here are the winners!!!

Munchery winner of the Eating and Drinking category!

App in the Air – Fly smarter winner of the Business edition!

Imagine Music, winner of the Music category!

goFlow, winner of the Sports and Fitness edition!

We’ll see you all at the Mobile Premier Awards. Congratulatios and good luck to every one!

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“Es difícil plantear cualquier nuevo negocio enfocado al usuario final sin una app”

Entrevista con Oscar Pierre, fundador de Glovo, la app que ganó el pasado 9 de julio Appcircus Barcelona. No os perdáis sus más que interesantes reflexiones sobre las apps y la economía colaborativa:

1. Nos gustaría conocer un poco más de Glovo. ¿Cómo surgió la idea de desarrollar esta app?

La idea de Glovo nació cuando yo aún estaba estudiando en Estados Unidos, donde cursé mis últimos tres años de carrera. La expansión de apps y market places colaborativos que ya se estaba viviendo allí me dio mucho que pensar sobre qué podríamos “colaborizar” en España. De ahí surgió la primera idea de “colaborizar” el tiempo; por un lado, hay gente con tiempo libre en busca de ingresos, y, por otro, personas que siempre están ocupadas y faltas de tiempo. De este intercambio nace Glovo.

2. Puedes compartir algunas de las claves que os han permitido lanzar vuestra app (idea, tecnología, modelo de negocio…)

La idea ha generado interés tanto entre inversores como entre los ciudadanos. La idea es atractiva y cubre una necesidad que hasta ahora nadie cubría, el servicio de mensajería que ofrece Glovo no se limita al reparto de comida a domicilio. Todo lo que el usuario necesite en ese momento nuestros glovers se lo pueden llevar.

Junto a la idea, la clave ha sido la tecnología. En Glovo conectamos oferta y demanda en nuestra plataforma y todo debe funcionar de forma óptima para que el servicio sea bueno. Una app sencilla que facilite la navegación entre los usuarios logrando una mayor conversión y un sistema que conecte a los dos piers para que se lleve a cabo el globo con éxito. Entre otras características, como muchos servicios basados en la economía colaborativa, nuestro sistema de valoraciones nos va muy bien asegurar un buen servicio a nuestros clientes y para nuestra comunidad de glovers es un aliciente ya que les incentivamos económicamente a los que logran mejores valoraciones.

3. Por lo pronto estáis en Barcelona ¿tenéis previsto extender Glovo a otras ciudades u otros países?

Sí. Tenemos planes muy ambiciosos en cuanto a la expansión. Empezamos en Barcelona en febrero de este año y el primer movimiento será Madrid en septiembre. A partir de allí,  miraremos de ampliar el servicio a otras ciudades europeas.

4. ¿Cuáles son los principales retos en el desarrollo y mantenimiento posterior de una app colaborativa como la vuestra?

Glovo tiene dos retos principales. El primer es la gestión de oferta y demanda. Es importante que todos los glovers tengan trabajo cuando se conectan. No podemos activar a más glovers de la cuenta ya que, si se conectan y no hay pedidos para ellos, dejan de confiar en la plataforma y no vuelven a conectarse. Por suerte, hemos recibido muchas solicitudes de personas interesadas en ser glovers, y vamos activándolos a medida que aumentan los pedidos.

El segundo reto, y pensando en 3-4 meses vista, es desarrollar todos los algoritmos que administren cientos de pedidos diarios. Cada nuevo pedido en el sistema debe notificar al glover óptimo (en cuanto a distancia al punto de recogida, disposición, tipo de vehículo del glover,…). Ahora es fácil de gestionar, pero tenemos que estar tecnológicamente preparados para cuando crucemos los 250 pedidos diarios.

5. En el sector de la economía social y colaborativa, ¿qué papel crees que tendrán las apps?

Las apps son rápidas y accesibles si están bien planteadas. Los servicios basados en la economía colaborativa deben reducir al máximo el número de pasos u obstáculos en la comunicación entre las dos partes del intercambio. Cuantos menos pasos y más accesibilidad, mejor. Y creo que las apps tienen mucho ganado en este sentido.

6. ¿Cuáles son las apps de las que no puedes prescindir en tu móvil?

A día de hoy, las apps que más uso son Yaap Money, Blablacar, Spotify, Slack, Marca, Sleep Better, Evernote y por supuesto, Glovo.

7. Imagina una app sin límites, ¿cómo sería?

Sería una combinación de Siri y Glovo. Ya llegaremos 😉

8. Ahora un diagnóstico, ¿qué oportunidades ves en la appeconomy?

Más que oportunidades, creo que ya es difícil plantear cualquier nuevo negocio enfocado al usuario final sin una app.

9. ¿Qué ha supuesto para vosotros participar y ganar Appcircus Barcelona?

Ha sido una gran experiencia, sin duda. Siempre es interesante conocer nuevas propuestas de proyectos en sectores diferentes. Ganar un concurso como Appcircus supone para nosotros una motivación más para seguir haciendo las cosas como las llevamos haciendo todo este tiempo y mejorarlas día tras día. Creo que hablo en nombre de todo el equipo de Glovo cuando digo que estamos muy agradecidos por todo el reconocimiento. La visibilidad que nos ha dado el premio ha ayudado a seguir creciendo.

10. Y para acabar, nos podéis avanzar algo de vuestros planes de futuro: nuevas apps, proyectos…

Nuestro principal objetivo ahora es mejorar la experiencia de usuario y seguir optimizando todavía más los recursos con los que contamos. Queremos incluir nuevas funcionalidades y mejoras en la aplicación, ampliar el servicio a nuevas ciudades y países y crear sinergias con comercios locales para seguir poniendo las cosas fáciles a los usuarios.

Many surprises at the Summer of Apps!

Be part of the greatest App Summer Competition!

During August, Appcircus and Google are presenting the Summer of Apps (SOA)! 4 consecutive events at Google’s offices in San Francisco to celebrate the coolest trending apps in 4 different categories:

  • Eating and Drinking – 08/21

  • Business and Work – 08/25

  • Music – 08/28

  • Sports – 08/31

All App Developers are invited to participate and submit their apps to have the opportunity to pitch on stage at Google Offices, network with top companies & celebrities; and win a lot of prizes including:

In every event, there will be special activities focused on each vertical; and on each day, attendees will have the opportunity to connect while they are enjoying Food and Drinks.

For the Music edition, the Summer of Apps will have the participation of the band Foxtails Brigade who will be giving a Concert with their greatest hits. More surprises are waiting on the Eating & Drinking evening with the special participation of Nick Nappi from Season Six of FOX’s “MasterChef” as an On Stage Jury. Business & Work night will bring Product Showcase in the special Business Booth Fair to get to know the latest trends in technology. During the Sports night, personalities and celebrities from the sports scene will be interacting with the audience.

Registrations to attend are free! Follow this link to register now!

San Francisco prepares for the Summer of Apps!

Pitch your app at the Google offices in SF!

Appcircus and Google are proud to present the Summer of Apps (SOA)! A series of 4 consecutive events at Google’s offices in San Francisco to celebrate the coolest trending apps in 4 different categories:

Eating and Drinking – 08/21

Business and Work – 08/25

Music – 08/28

Sports – 08/31

Getting a spot in the Tech industry is a challenge; that is why the Summer Of Apps, an International app showcase will offer this great opportunity for developers and app makers to get visibility for their products in a unique location: Google’s Offices.

The Summer of Apps competition includes a pre selection phase that ends on July 17. The registration of your app is free and can be submitted online through this link.

The only requirements to participate is to have developed an app related to any of the 4 categories (eating & drinks, Business & work, music and sports) that works in any platform and device.

The best app of the  Summer of Apps Festival will win a direct slot to the Mobile Premier Awards 2016 – the biggest app showcase on earth during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

This is an amazing opportunity to spend an evening with the top leaders and speakers from the app ecosystem; profit from world class networking and get expert feedback from an on-stage jury.

Give your app a boost! Submissions are Open.