Announcing the 1st AppCircus HTML5 competition

In 2011 we are being part of many influential conferences in the world, in February we where part of the Mobile World Congress with Spotlight on BlackBerry and we just finished the AppCircus @ SXSW and are packing our bags and tent to to hit Palo Alto for the Telco 2.0 conference on April 6th.

We are collaborating with the folks from Zeewe to offer you the first HTML5 Web App competition.

The contest will have the following structure:

  • All Apps must be submitted by March 28th.
  • The deadline to confirm your available to pitch is April 1st.
  • The selection will be done by an online Jury which will decide who gets to pitch and the audience will vote at the event to select the winner.
  • The winner app will be announced during the evening of AppCircus in Palo Alto, April 6th.
  • The winner will be pitching at the event
  • The winner app will Win $2000 cash prize if the HTML5 app is available in the Zeewe marketplace or $1000 if the HTML5 app is not on Zeewe.

IMPORTANT: All apps must be written in Mobile HTML5 , and run on iPhones and/or Android phone. The participating apps will have to pay accommodation and their flight or transportation.

SUBMIT your HTML5 app here to this competition.

AppCircus in Palo Alto agenda.

Click here for more information on this event.

6:00 pm: Welcome and introductions
6:15 pm: First Act – Leading Platforms present
7:15 pm: 2nd Act – 10 Apps present with jury feedback
8:15 pm: Thanks and audience voting instructions
8:30 pm: Networking, Voting and Winner announcement
9:30 pm: Close

Venue Information.

The mobile showcase will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Palo Alto; 4290 EL CAMINO REAL

Doors will open from 6:00 pm and the showcase will end around 9:00 pm, make sure to come prepare for some great networking since the whole telecommunications industry will be in Palo Alto all week.

We are looking forward to seeing all the developers and Startups at Telco 2.0, some familiar faces and some new on the scene. Palo Alto has always been a place for mobile, so what better way to launch your HTML5 web App at AppCircus.

So get ready for another a great mobile showcase. Follow us on Twitter @AppCircus and the hashtag #appcircus

Screach came out the winner of [email protected]

On the inaugural event of [email protected] we had the pleasure of displaying 12 applications at the Circus Mashimus tent, this made for some interesting applications that submitted for the chance to be on stage at the world’s most important technology event. More than 35 applications applied to pitch, but only 12 where handpicked by our online jury.

The audience saw the different mobile applications do their demos, with 3 minutes of pitching per app for a chance to win an Android Xoom Tablet, courtesy of Quova – Neustar, at the end the Jury decided that:

Screach is the Winner of [email protected]

The apps that did not win on this first edition of [email protected] should get a mention for being on stage and making the effort. There would not be a showcase without them. In no particular order these are the rest of the mobile applications:

Thanks to all the apps for keeping Austin weird! Looking forward to next year’s SXSW Interactive. A big thank you to Mashery for supporting all these App Artists.

The show must go on for 2011! So we are just beginning to get in full swing, so if you missed the chance to be part of AppCircus at  South by South West, you can have a look and see a list of confirmed events from around the globe.

Coming AppCircus events.

If you are a mobile developer, Startup or company and would like to be part of AppCircus, please sign up to our global platform and hope to see you at a nearby event. For event organizers, if you are interested in hosting an AppCircus in your city, please contact us.

See you all at an AppCircus near you! Remember to follow us on twitter @AppCircus.

Apps to present at SXSW – Circus Mashimus

This is going to be a great show, we got twelve mobile applications to showcase at  the Circus Mashimus at the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas. This will be our first stop in United States, so we are looking forward to see the following applications on stage pitching to the jury. So mark your calendar on March 14th at 2pm we are setting up the mobile showcase for everyone to see. The winner will receive a Motorola Xoom Tablet!

Check out the Mobile apps selected, in no particular order:

Domo. A mobile app that let’s you connect with interesting people around you.

QRANK. A Social Quiz Addiction with Fresh Content Every Day.

Flypost. We are a location based platform, that allows event organisers to stick up posters across their city promoting their events, and allows everyone else to see what’s happening around them in real time.

AskAround. New from, Ask Around is an app that allows you to immediately view, connect with and share the real-time conversations happening around you.

Screach. An application that makes every screen you ever come into contact with interactive, with real time 2 way experiences, and no additional hardware required.

SingleSquare. Have You Ever Wished You Could See a List of Singles Around You, And Had a Way To Communicate With Them In Real Time? With SingleSquare Now You Can.

PlayMysong. Playmysong solves the problem of boring background music. We turn your mobile phone into a remote control for background music in bars, cafés, stores and parties.

MixZing. The premier media player on Android and the most advanced media player anywhere!

Whatser. Collect your favourite spots, share them with your friends and make the city yours.

Filmaster. Mobile movie check-in and recommendation app that connects film buffs both locally and around the globe. Think: Foursquare for film.

UrbanQ. Your Personal Concierge – Discover new places and experiences you will love anywhere, anytime!

TuneHopper. A Simon Says style game intended to teach children about music, ear training, and melodic intervals via the iphone and ipad.

Location of [email protected]

The guys from Mashery  have done a spectacular job in bringing local mobile applications to pitch at Circus Mashimus, so we are setting up the stage for an AppCircus at South by South West Interactive. Remember that the winning app will be selected by the audience LIVE at the event venue. So don’t miss this one!

Venue: Austin Convention Center, Room #3, on the first level near the popular Screenburn Arcade, the keynote room, and largest panel rooms.

Date: March 14th 2011.

Time: from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Submit your applications for the next APPCircus.

Applications for this event are closed but you can apply to to pitch at another AppCircus event, it is FREE. To apply, sign up to, create an app profile and register to the event you’d like to pitch at.

Our next events are:

Follow us on twitter to get more information of other venues that are hosting an @APPCircus.

AppCircus @ SXSW Jury

We’re excited to have some of the most knowledgeable and experienced guys in mobile on our jury panel for the AppCircus at SXSW on March 14th at the Circus Mashimus Lounge.

The jury to select the winner includes:

Marshall Kirkpatrick – Vice President of Content Development at ReadWriteWeb, and also the Lead Writer.

Jyri Engeström – Founder & CEO of Ditto.

Anoop Ranganath – Lead iPhone Developer at foursquare.

Matthew Wilson – Marketing Manager at Rovio Mobile Ltd.

Jim Routh – VP, Business Development at Smule.

You can still register to pitchdeadline is March 2 (today!) at midnight CET – and have a chance to win a Motorola Xoom Tablet. Make sure to sign up in time at AppCircus, upload your app profile and then select to pitch at [email protected] in order to be eligible to showcase your app.

Here below the jury member  bio’s:

Marshall Kirkpatrick – Vice President of Content Development at ReadWriteWeb, and also the Lead Writer.

He hails from Portland, Oregon, USA. Prior to joining R/WW in Sept 2007, Marshall was Director of Content at SplashCast Media. During 2006 he was Lead Blogger at TechCrunch. You can contact Marshall at [email protected]

Jyri Engeström – Founder and CEO of Ditto.
Jyri is founder and CEO of Ditto, a new mobile communication app for sharing what you’re up to and exchanging recommendations about restaurants, movies, and other activities. Jyri cofounded Jaiku, which grew into the leading European microblogging service and was acquired by Google in 2007. At Google Jyri was Product Manager of mobile applications including Mobile Calendar and the Gmail Mobile client, and started up social products including Google Buzz, Google Profiles, and Google Latitude. Jyri is an advisor/angel investor in companies such as Applifier, Betabrand, and Mobclix. Before founding Jaiku Jyri was Senior Product Manager, Internet Handhelds at Nokia. A sociologist by training, he is noted for coining the term ‘social object’ to refer to photos, bookmarks, and other shareable Web content. He blogs at

Anoop Ranganath – Lead iPhone Developer at foursquare.
Anoop is the lead iPhone developer at foursquare, a location-based mobile platform that makes cities easier to use and more interesting to explore. Previously, he created Graffitio, an iPhone application that allowed users to attach conversations to places.

Matthew Wilson – Marketing Manager at Rovio Mobile Ltd.
Matthew is the rare Canadian export residing in Finland, and the marketing brains behind the Angry Birds phenomenon. Through a mixture of market analysis and a good feel for what works in the application space and what doesn’t, Matthew has helped Rovio achieve viral levels of market penetration with zero budget. Matthew has a wide knowledge of the mobile marketplace, ranging from customer retention to different monetization strategies. With a background in various forms of online marketing, Matthew is taking the Angry Birds brand to new domains on an unprecedented scale for a mobile application.

Jim Routh – VP, Business Development at Smule.

Jim has over 18 years experience in business development and product management in software, web services, and mobile ventures. As VP of Business Development at Smule he’s responsible for initiating, negotiating, and managing all deal flow with studios, artists, labels, agencies, and publishers as well as building and nurturing relationships with Smule’s developer community, and creating and monetizing the company’s advertising and sponsorship network. Smule is a leading developer of mobile social music applications having created and published several of the top applications for the iPhone and iPad. Recent releases include Glee, I Am T-Pain, Ocarina, Magic Piano and Magic Fiddle.

The apps to present at this event have been announced in this post. Stay tuned and follow our latest news and updates on twitter here @appcircus.

AppCircus All-Stars – dayviews at South by South West Interactive.

Things are moving and the AppCircus team is working with Mashery to bring only the best apps from our mobile showcase world tour to [email protected] event, this is a new format that we are launching at South by Southwest Music and Media Conference (SXSW® Interactive).

AppCircus All-Stars.

There are more than 35 apps that have won an AppCircus event or Categories before the celebration of the 2011 Mobile Premier Awards. This is a new season and we are commited to showcase the newest and most innovative mobile applications from around the world. That is the reason for creating this special format, so you can see on stage previous winners from AppCircus, we are calling this elite category AppCircus All-Stars.

These mobile applications will be joining us for special events such as Circus Mashimus, where we will be showcasing apps in several days and we want the spotlight for apps that have pitch in another part of the world. To enable a growing mobile ecosystem on a global scale.

Agenda [email protected]

The first two days of AppCircus will be mobile applications that have participated in previous showcase’s. The last day will be a full on AppCircus where one app will win to get a nomination slot to be on stage for the 2012 Mobile Premier Awards and join the AppCircus All-Stars group. All three days are open to the public to watch the show and enjoy from refreshments at the Mashimus Circus.

March 12 & 13 – AppCircus All-Stars

Each day, a couple of the 2011 Mobile Premier Award nominees and winners will be showcased and demoing their winning Apps.

March 14 – [email protected]

Deadline: March 2nd.

The big show, the “call for apps” will be open until the 2nd of March. So make sure to sign up at AppCircus, upload the information for the application you want to pitch and then apply for [email protected] event.

  • Welcome and introduction to AppCircus.
  • Supporters presentations.
  • 10 App presentations and Jury feedback.
  • Audience voting and Networking.
  • Winner announcement.

Submit your mobile applications to AppCircus.

Make sure to submit your apps for the event, it is FREE and this will get your application to be eligible for other events of APPCircus. Sign up in AppCircus and get a chance to pitch at SXSW in front of developers and companies during the biggest event in North America.

Follow us on twitter to get more information of other venues that are hosting an @AppCircus.