Final call to submit your app!

Fuel the HTML5 Revolution

Challenge ends on Dec 20th

AppCircus opens a global call to app developers to showcase their Mobile HTML5 Web Apps.

We’re joining with AppsFuel to find the next generation of apps built with HTML5. This is a great opportunity to get your app out there and be a part of the HTML5 revolution.

By submitting your HTML5 app to the competition and AppsFuel Marketplace, you will gain access to the AppsFuel carrier Carrier Billing Platform to process inapp payments. Giving you the ability to start monetizing apps independently of your location.

Appsfuel also offers free hosting for your app as well as design support and global visibility. The winning app will also get the chance to participate in the Mobile Premier Awards !


Check out our previous winners:

Jewels Island

An interactive game that lets you tap as many same-colored jewels as possible within 60 seconds!


A mobile web app that lets users easily find and share their favorite articles on Facebook.



Submission Deadline is December 20th


What are the Prizes ?

MPA Direct Slot for the best HTML5 App (selected by a Jury)

One direct slot to the Mobile Premier Awards for the best HTML5 app. Selected from all participating apps in December, 2012.



Mobile Premier Awards Nomination

A Mobile Premier Awards nomination. The app with the most votes in November wins.



Who can participate?

All HTML5 Web apps optimized for mobile or tablets

Publicy accesible apps submitted to the AppsFuel store.


What are the Rules ?

Apps must be developed using web technologies, HTML5, JS, CSS and be optimized for Smartphones or tablets

Apps must be active and should be submitted to the AppsFuel marketplace and to the AppCircus platform.

For more details check out the competition rules




All participating apps need to be published on a valid URL, which means applications should be freely available on the web. We are not accepting web sites or any other native applications.

AppsFuel is particularly looking for mobile web apps that make use of advanced features provided by HTML: canvas, geolocation, audio/video, web storage, SCS3 and more.