AppCircus in Kampala
Location & date:
Africa, Uganda, 21.11.2011
Deadline for app submission:
09.11.2011 »·«closed»·«

Africa is welcoming AppCircus again!

On November 21st we'll be in Kampala, Uganda, gathering together the local community of developers to enjoy the latest app creations.

AppCircus is not just and exposition of cool apps, it also recreates the best atmosphere to enlarge your network. If you come to AppCircus you'll be in the right place at the right time!

The deadline to participate will be November 9th, so do it now! And to come as an spectator just sign up our visitors list to make sure your spot is booked.

Remember the winner app might be nominated to go to the Mobile Premier Awards held in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress!

The event will take place at  Protea Hotel Kampala. 4 Upper Kololo Terrace, Kololo, Kampala, Uganda 9421. This time, AppCircus will go hand by hand with MoMo Kampala. 


Mobile Monday, or MoMo, is an open global network of mobile industry professionals,visionaries, developers and entrepreneurs, in over 100 cities worldwide. Each city chapter discusses issues specific to the local needs in monthly fora, and given the global nature of the mobile industry there is also an exchange of ideas and speakers from around the world.

Details: or


6.00pm: Welcome and introductions
6.15pm: First Act - Leading Platforms present
6.30pm: 2nd Act - 10 Apps present with jury feedback
7.30pm: Thanks and jury selection for Runnerup plus the winner.
7.40pm: Networking and Winner announcement.
8.00pm: Close


How to participate:

1. become a member of (fill in the form on the homepage)
2. add your app to your profile (see this how-to)
3. submit your app to the event (see this how-to)

Rules for Participation:
  • Submissions and presentations to AppCircus are FREE and open to any developer, startup or company.
  • Applicants must send one representative to present the app live on stage.
  • The apps selected will have  three minutes to pitch on stage.
  • Apps are submitted through the AppCircus platform at
  • Registration and membership for AppCircus are FREE!
  • members need to add the app to their profile before applying for an AppCircus.
  • Candidates can submit more than one app.
  • Each app can only be presented in one AppCircus, unless if it receives a Runner up Waiver.
  • One app in each AppCircus will be nominated for the pool of apps from which the 20 finalists for the Mobile Premier Awards 2012 will be selected.
  • The app with the most votes, after the nomination winner, will receive a “Runner up Waiver”, which allows the app to reapply for selection for another AppCircus.