AppCircus in Lisbon
Location & date:
Europe, Portugal, 26.06.2012
Deadline for app submission:
11.06.2012 »·«closed»·«
AppCircus has a new date: on June 26 we are arriving at Lisbon!
Venue: Vodafone Headquarters in Parque das Nações (Avenida D. João II), the entrance is River side right door, next to the Vodafone Store entrance
The best 10 apps submitted will have the chance to present on stage, in front of a jury and a large audience, what their is app about. Tell the world how you can make their lives easier, funnier or healthier with your creation! 
This event welcomes developers, start-ups, media, platforms, investors and everyone who's curious about the mobile app ecosystem. Attending the event is free; you just need to join for free and click on "Register now to attend!" on top of this page. Don't wait last minute, book your spot in advance!
The deadline to submit your app will be on June 11, so make sure you don't miss the date! Enter your mobile app and be one of 10 best local apps selected by an online jury. You'll have the chance to present your piece live on stage in front of a great audience and a jury of industry experts.
Check out AppCircus in Lisbon awesome prizes!
-The AppCircus winner will be awarded a Nokia Lumia 800 by Vodafone and he/she could be nominated for the Mobile Premier Awards, to be held in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress 2013.
-The best Windows Phone app will be awarded a Nokia Lumia 800 by Nokia.
-AppCircus in Lisbon is also happening on Facebook: The best Facebook posting during the event, or the best person tweeting with the hashtags #appcircus #vodafone will be awarded a Vodafone Android smartphone by Vodafone!
 Nokia Lunia 800 
Don't miss AppCircus in Lisbon simultaneous workshops that will open the event (16h-17.30h)
Nokia workshop: Create a Windows Phone app in one hour
Mobile Marketing Association Workshop: Keys to a successful app + Strategies for app monetization
The deadline to participate is June 11th (midnight CET).
Attending the event is free; you just need to join for free and click on "Register now to attend!" on top of this page. Don't wait last minute - the event is likely to be filling up quickly!
In the meantime, if you need some additional support to develop your app do not hesitate to look into these two great references by AppCircus in Lisbon supporters Vodafone and Nokia:
Lisbon Agenda
AppCircus in Lisbon is also supported by YDreams
How to participate:
1. become a member of (fill in the form on the homepage)
2. add your app to your profile (see this how-to)
3. submit your app to the event (see this how-to)
Rules for Participation:
Submissions and presentations to AppCircus are FREE and open to any developer, startup or company
AppCircus is open to apps running on any platform
Applicants must send one representative to present the app live on stage.
The apps selected will have  three minutes to pitch on stage.
Apps are submitted through the AppCircus platform at
Registration and membership for AppCircus are FREE! members need to add the app to their profile before applying for an AppCircus.
Candidates can submit more than one app.
Each app can only be presented in one AppCircus, unless if it receives a Runner up Waiver.
One app in each AppCircus will be nominated for the pool of apps from which the 20 finalists for the Mobile Premier Awards 2012 will be selected.
The app with the most votes, after the nomination winner, will receive a “Runner up Waiver”, which allows the app to reapply for selection for another AppCircus.
The pitches must be done in English