AppCircus in Rotterdam
Location & date:
Europe, Netherlands, 16.05.2011
Deadline for app submission:
07.05.2011 »·«closed»·«

Mobie Unconference

AppCircus is happy to be partnering together with the Mobile Unconference in Rotterdam May 16th.

The Mobile Unconference is a one-day event, similar to BarCamp or other community meetups we have seen in the passed years. The goals of the event are to bring developers together in a very informal way and give those who want to share their story the possibility to take the microphone and do a presentation, so:

  • anyone can come, as a speaker or just as a guest
  • sessions can be submitted before the unconference, but one can also decide to speak up on the day of the event itself
  • anyone can take the stage and can do a session at the event
  • there will be a schedule to sign up for a session during the event
  • sessions can be anything: talks, workshops, discussion rounds
  • product pitches are strictly forbidden
  • cool stories about your experiences developing mobile applications or doing business in the mobile space are very welcome
  • networking is encouraged
  • there will be food and drinks

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