AppCircus in London
Location & date:
Europe, United Kingdom, 12.05.2011
Deadline for app submission:
04.05.2011 »·«closed»·«

AppCircus is heading to London for another great mobile showcase during the New Digital Economics Executive Brainstorm & Developer Forum that is taking place from May 11th to 13th at the Guoman Tower Hotel in London.


Run in the evening after the Mobile Apps 2.0,  Digital Entertainment 2.0 and M2M Executive Brainstorms, this is a FREE event, from 6pm to 10pm on the 12th of May for up to 200 developers and up to 200 delegates from the New Digital Economics event.

10 mobile applications will be chosen to be on stage and pitch to a Jury. The winner will have a slot to be nominated for the 2012 Mobile Premier Awards in Barcelona, held during the Mobile World Congress.

Learn about the most innovative and creative apps that are just being built now, discover first hand the apps you will be wanting soon and meet the talented developers that may change your business.

Deadline: Participating apps have until the 1st of May to submit their application.


6.25pm: Welcome and introductions
6.40pm: First Act - Leading Platforms present
7.10pm: 2nd Act - 10 Apps present with jury feedback
8.25pm: Thanks and audience voting instructions
8.30pm: Networking, Voting and Winner announcement
10.00pm: Close