AppCircus@MoMo Edinburgh
Location & date:
Europe, United Kingdom, 28.10.2010
Deadline for app submission:
27.10.2010 »·«closed»·«

Winner AppCircus Edinburgh: Fikdu

Following on from our very successful showcase event last year we will be holding [email protected] as our November event - actually run on a  virtual "Monday" on Thursday 28th of October due to various external constraints. 

Here are the rules for participation:
  •  Submissions and presentations to the AppCircus are FREE and open to any developer
  •  Applicants must send one representative person to present the app live on stage
  •  Apps are submitted through the platform
  •  Registration and membership on are FREE!
  • members need to add the app to their profile before applying to an AppCircus
  •  Each App can only present in one AppCircus, except if it receives a Runnerup Waiver
  •  One app in each AppCircus will be nomnated for the Mobile Premier Awards 2011 by audience vote
  •  The app with most votes after the nomination winner, will receive a “Runnerup Waiver”, which allows it to apply again to be selected at another AppCircus