AppCircus@Smart City Expo
Europe, Spain
15.11.2012 15:00 (GMT +2)
Deadline for app submission:
15.09.2012 13:20 (GMT +2)

The Open Cities EU project has finalized its first round of challenges, including the App Challenge, where 113 apps have been submitted, which focus on the use of Open Data and the creation of apps that rise to the challenge of modern urban living. Among all the  apps presented duting the competition, 10 finalists have been selected, which have been invited to present in front of a live audience and have the chance to win the final prize of €3000!

Our ten finalist apps are:

Nice City Passport (Spain)

ComunicaPA (Italy)

Huellasolar (spain)

Toilet Map Vienna (Austria)

BikeCityGuide (Austria)

BlindSquare (Finland)

Eureka (Italy)

PayPark (Spain)

Hogenood (Netherlands) (Germany)

At the same time, 3 finalists from the Urban Lab Challenge of the Open Cities project, will also present their projects, based around apps dedicated to sustainable buildings in the urban environment. The 3 finalists are:

JAPA & PGI Engineering with a project to reduce energy demand by means of a clip-on energetic leaves that integrate photovoltaic cells and smog-eater panels. 

Agència d'Ecologia Urbana de Barcelona with a project to improve light and thermal behaviour in buildings through double windows with translucent protectors.

Optima Energy Management with the project: 'Cleaning cities while cleaning air', which adresses the cost of cleaning by gaining energy from solar panels while keeping them cleaner. 

The winner will get the possibility to implement their project in Barcelona.

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