Intel® Software and Appcircus

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Good news for you App Makers out there!

We are proud to present Intel Software as our main partner for the 2015 Appcircus season! Building on our successful long lasting relationship we have cooked up great stuff for you to get your apps shine on Intel Architecture as well as on the global Appcircus stage.

So what's in it for you?

Great Intel software

Learn about the latest Intel Software Tools for Android devices.

Great Intel prizes

Win a paid flight and tickets to MWC 2016 in Barcelona in selected Appcircus events throughout 2015! Up to 16 prizes available.

How do I get started?

Participating at Appcircus events is free of cost. After creating a profile of your app, you can submit it to any open event of your choice. But be aware that if you get selected you'd have to present your app in person on stage during the event!


Where can I find out more about Intel Software Tools for Android?

Our friends at Intel run a great site for developers where you can learn about the Intel Android tools and get in touch with the community.


What do I need to do to be eligible for the Intel Prizes?

1. Your app has to be high quality and highlight the performance of Intel based phones and tablets.

2. If your app has .so files you need to include the x86 version. You can either a) build you app including x86 as one of your target platforms or b) if your app uses a popular Framework such as Unity, Cocos2D, etc. updating to the latest version of the Framework will do the trick! For more info check out the links below (under "Supported Frameworks").

3. That's it ! We will be selecting up to 16 apps based on the above mentioned criteria and will provide the App Makers with airfare to Barcelona and a three day pass to MWC 2016!


Supported Frameworks

If your app uses one of these popular frameworks, updating to the latest version of the framework will make it easy to include x86 versions of the .so files after re-compiling your app.

Intel's Android Development Tools.
Learn more

Intel Free tools for Android Developers

IDE and tools for HTML5 app development
Uses the virtualization capacity of Intel CPUs for the fastest Android emulation
Offers Android developers System Analyzer and Graphics Frame Analyzer for OpenGL ES

Running a Test on Testdroid

Intel Software and Testdroid have created a partnership to offer you Testdroid's paid testing services for free on Intel devices. Testdroid lets you test your apps remotely on a variety of hardware without having to acquire and maintain a large number of physical devices:

Go to

Upload your app to test, configure parameters & select Intel devices for free testing