Imagine Music
Make music out of your body movements !
Imagine Music is a mobile phone app that challenges the users to create their own music out of their body movements, despite the old app methods of music performing. ex: Piano, Guitar.. where you have to hit on the screen to make noise. Imagine Music requires the gestures of your handy, when each time you move and burn calories, the app simultaneously determines your phone's position and angular orientation using the data from the motion tracking sensors (Gyroscope & Accelerometer) and return back audio effects suitable with the movement. Imagine Music holds 3 main modes: 1) Tutorial: comes along with titles and 3D animations to help first time users understand the concept. 2) Gamefication: Challenges the users to make more music through getting more point each time they play, so they can unlock new levels with new audio effect packages & new features! 3) Free: This mode for people who doesn't want to dancce but they still want to make music, for example those who go on Jogging or Cycling.. this mode gives them the ability to practice their sport and simultaneously hear the random effects that their making, slow if their going slow.. faster if their moving fast !
The idea is to make a good use of ones smart phone and create a new funny way of music composition, very easy and flexible with beginner musicians, dancers and fun seekers whom are from on first stage teenagers. The fun is the reverted theory of dancing on music, now it's music out of your body movements !
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone
  • Free version available
  • Imagine Music Premium Package - 2.99$ (Each Premium package offers a bunch of audio effects suitable with one music genre (Jazz, Dance, Drum..))
Sports, Music, Games, Art and Culture
  • Imagine Music, Music Performing, Music App, Fun, Music, Body Movements, Dancing
Target Users
  • Beginner Musicians, Teenagers, Dancers, Athletes
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